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As you may know from reading my blog, I have decided to start a bucket list. I have decided to write my goals, dreams, activities I want to do and try down on paper. I want to ensure myself. Promise myself in fact that I am going to live every single day to the fullest. Today is the day I start crossing items off, isn’t that exciting.

A few months back I planned a trip to Cabo. A five-day getaway filled with sand and sun, rest and relaxation, but no real plans. That all changed when I decided to start this bucket list. So I sat down and asked myself, what scares me? Excites me? Thrills me? What do I really want to do and see, taste and feel? I came up with a list of activities for my first bucket list getaway trip. It looks a little like this.

Day 1 

The travel day. The least exciting part of all, but the 11 hours of travel is all part of it right? Sitting on a plane with a stop in Vancouver that will then be followed by a three-hour layover before arriving at the final destination. Secrets Resort Cabos San Lucas. A luxury all-inclusive destination as the website tells me.

Day 2


 We are being picked up bright and early from the hotel by High Tide Adventures;  High Tide Website . They specialize in adventures in Cabo, and that is exactly what I was hoping to do. They are taking us out to the arch for a day of paddle boarding and snorkeling. I love snorkeling because every underwater world has its own unique life and beauty. I also love paddle boarding. There is something majestic and relaxing about being out on the open water, one with nature. After that workout, we are set to have a picnic on Lovers or Divorce beach. Preferably Lovers, but both of the beaches are considered the most beautiful in Cabo by locals and tourists alike and I can’t wait to experience it for myself.

Day 3 

 A birthday surprise, I have no idea what is planned for me on this day, however I know it is another adventure. I love surprises and so I am trying not to pry too much in fear that I may use my brainpower and get to the bottom of it.

Day 4 


Day four of the trip happens to be New Year’s eve, and the day I am looking most forward to for several reasons. Firstly, we are going on a sunset RZR tour. I had no idea what an RZR was until I saw the video of people driving what looks like dune-buggies through the desert and onto the beach. We decided to go with Cactus ATV Tours; https://www.cactusatvtours.com/ As mentioned earlier my list consists of things that both excite and scare me, and an RZR tour sure fits the bill. As a young girl I was scared of go-karts. I hate driving fast and furious and here I will be trekking through the terrain on one of these. I am mostly looking forward to the scenery, the animals and wildlife that make Cabo so unique. My last sunset of 2016 will be on a beautiful Cabo beach, doing something that I have always been afraid of and loving every minute of it.

Then the night is followed by a luxury New Year’s Eve bash at the Thompson Cape Hotel. What I love about this trip falling on New Year’s Eve is not having to plan with friends and compromise. As soon as I saw this party I knew there was no better place to ring in 2017. Why? Well if the classy luxury hotel setting wasn’t enough to sell you on the idea then the rooftop venue with ocean views, exquisite firework show, world class DJ, and the idea of dancing 2016 away and right into 2017 should. I have visited the Thompson hotel in Toronto and each party is so well planned to ensure that the visitors have an unforgettable experience and I am sure that this party will be no different.


The Cape New Year’s Bash

Day 5 

 The day where rest and relaxation will finally be a thing. On the last day of the vacation I want to do absolutely nothing besides using my remaining energy to swim up to the bar, grab a margarita and swim back on repeat. I want to even out any tan lines by the pool and reflect on the amazing trip that I just had.

I am so excited to embark on my first bucket list trip and am so thankful for everyone that has helped along the way. I cannot wait to share the moments, adventures, pictures, and videos with you. Make sure to check out my blog and Youtube page to follow along. I would also love to hear about your very own bucket list. What does 2017 have in store for you? Go out and kick ass and make sure to comment and share below.

Happy 2017 y’all





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