The unforgettable powder of Mt. Baker



“Adventure is Worthwhile in itself”

-Amelia Earhart

For as long as I can remember, adventure has fuelled my soul. It has ignited my passions. When I moved to British Columbia, I knew that adventure would be knock knock knocking right on my doorstep. Big, and small, I knew it would be mine for the taking. And on a recent trip to Mt. Baker in Washington State, I had one of my more unique adventure experiences. I wanted to share my experience with you, and give you some tips, tricks, and ideas to make a Mt. Baker trip of your own.

Now I should start off by saying I love to ski, but I am no expert skier that is for sure. I grew up in Ontario where I thought Blue “Mountain” was a challenging place. Even now a days, I feel more comfortable in the pizza formation then french fry and you will find me on the blue squares and never on the black diamonds. Yet this year for my birthday I was surprised with a brand new and super cool pair of skis and so I decided it would be my mission to make the most of this ski season.



About Mt. Baker:

  • Just a short two hour drive from Vancouver but bring your passport because you have to cross the U.S. Boarder
  • It is the third highest mountain in Washington
  • It gets epic snowfalls every year. In fact back in 1999 it set a world record (1140 inches)
  • Mt Baker is home to twelve glaciers

Best time to visit:

Mt. Baker is one of those places that offers activity all year long. The town really revolves around the mountain so expect plenty of skiing in the winter and hikes + mountain biking in the summer. It is really up to you your preference.

Where to Stay:

A small ski town, there are no real hotels in the air. If you are planning a trip to Mt. Baker I would suggest looking into airbnb in the area. We were able to snag a beautiful wood cabin complete with a hot tub for post ski relaxation.

Who is this for?

Do you love adventure? skiing? snowboarding? biking? Then Mt. Baker should be on your check list. The small ski town won’t be as busy as the resorts and so you really get to enjoy the great outdoors without the crowds of people.

Our  Day at Mt. Baker 

We left for the mountain bright and early. The 20 minute drive to the mountain was filled with twist and turns. Winding through the green forest that slowly turned to snow covered trees.

As we took the first chairlift up, I noticed the powder was even deeper than I had expected. Down below there were ski causalities buried deep below. Snowboarders trying to wiggle their way out of waist deep snow. I knew at that point this was going to be a ski experience like none other.

Once at the top, I was really surprised at how many options and slopes there were. Four different chairlifts and three different ski sides of the mountain. It really was a place for people of all levels.

Skiing down, the snow was even deeper than I imagined. I could feel my skies sinking as I glided past spectacular views. Snow covered trip tops sparkled in the sunning. It was a real life winter wonderland.

After a full day on the slopes it was time to make our way back down, but not before a quick pit stop for lunch.  We stopped into the Raven Hut Lounge where we were welcomed and warmed by not one but two fireplaces, and ordered a delicious burger with fries which we chowed down. Just a little side not, this is the smaller restaurant so if it is overcrowded try the White Salmon Day Lodge.

With full bellies and warmer fingers and toes we made our way all the way down to the bottom of the slopes.

Mt. Baker was a unique and wonderful skiing experience. It is the perfect spot if you are looking for a quieter slope that revolves around skiing. There are no villages, or shopping. This is purely about enjoying the mountain. You should also check out their website for special events that will make your trip even more memorable.

Happy adventuring my friends,



**some more snaps of Mt. Baker **

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