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23658474_1902890286707616_3766166520012031259_nMy name is Mia Gordon and I am directionally  challenged. Maps make zero sense to me, and I couldn’t tell you North from West if my life depended on it. Because of work I have to drive a lot. From  games, to interviews, to different radio and T.V stations. Since my GPS can never find a single or always needs a map update, I am relying on my phone to get me to where I need to go.

In the past, I would leave my phone on my passenger seat in hopes that the computer voice giving my directions would speak to me early enough to make a left turn. It wasn’t the most successful way to go. That is when I discovered QLYX.

This magnetic phone mount for my car makes it easy to follow directions while staying hands free. Perfect for the directional impaired like myself. It fits right on my vent and makes it so easy to punch in addresses and follow given directions without any distractions.


I really love my experience with QLYX so far and after doing some more research I became even more impressed with this device. It is the first car wearable and smart mount for both iOS and Android phones meaning you can use it no matter what phone you have.

The QLYX is also extremely diverse. While I enjoy clipping it right on to my air vent, you can also put it on any flat surface and use it as an adhesive pad. I loved this aspect because when it is clipped to my air vent it never loses grip and falls down like my old GPS used to.

I was also extremely impressed at how strong the magnets of QLYX are. I always have a phone case on my phone since I always manage to drop it. Instead of having to take my case off so that it would stick to the device and then put it back on when I am leaving, it actually sticks right through the case.

The real kicker for me though was it has built in Bluetooth Low Energy module to connect to the phone and is able to auto launch my applications, meaning I don’t even have to use my hands to get to my map and it also helps me with traffic situations so that I can get to my final destination as easy as possible.

Aside from maps, it also opens up Apple and Google music, Uber, Waze, and Spotify to name a few must need apps so that way you can jam out to your tunes while following your route.  It is also programmed to auto-launch another app only at the beginning of a session in order not to spam you with push notifications.

Stylish, simple, easy. Customize your colour, clip it on,a and go. Making using your phone without any distractions that much easier.

Want to give this awesome device a try? Well you can now order it for 15% off by following this link;

Hands free driving just got a lot easier.


Mia 25158229_1917677975228847_8932825529651660539_n

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