4 Things you can do to remember a loved one

Losing someone close to you is never easy, and it can take some time to come to terms and accept how things are. I still remember losing my grandfather. We were so close, in fact or nickname for each other was “my favourite.” I remember my last moments with him, the last memories. Everything still seems so vivid even though it was over 10 years ago. It is only natural to hold onto that feeling of closeness even after they have passed, and there are things that many people do to help them remember their relationships. Everyone has their own way of holding onto people, and it’s about finding what feels right for you – and what brings you happiness in such a time. Losing someone can be so overwhelming, but you may find doing things to help you maintain the feeling of closeness can help you cope with it.

Carry something to remember them by

When someone close to you is no longer around, it can be hard to maintain how they made you feel – however, you can still keep a piece of them close to you. Carrying something to remember them by, something that was theirs or something that reminds you of them can help make you feel better. It can be big or small. In many cases, this will likely be a piece of jewelry, or something small. Whatever it takes to make you feel closer to them!


Pay them a visit

For a lot of people, it can help significantly to go and visit the ones they have lost. Paying a visit to where they were buried just to say a few words, leave an item of your choosing, or even just spend some time to remember them can be a great way to let you relive your memories with them. While you might not be ready for it right away, it can help to close that distance emotionally and maybe what you need to feel a little less overwhelmed. If you visit often, you might even be curious about lights for cemetery graves. It’s common practice to leave items at a grave of a loved one, and this is just something extra.


Pick a day to remember them

Losing someone close to you is never going to be easy to handle, but you might find it necessary to honor them in your own way. One way people do this is by dedicating a day of the year to them, to do something that reminds them of their loved one. It’s almost like you’re treating it as their birthday, and celebrating it with them. It might not seem like much, but many people do this as a way to help them feel better overall. It’s a nice way to celebrate them as a person and can be shared between you and others who felt the same way about them.


Put together your memories with them

Now would be a good time not only to reminisce over the things you’ve done with them but to put together the proof of the good times you’ve had with them. Any pictures of them, things that you made together, tickets of places you’ve been together. Not only will it help to have it all in one place, but the activity itself can help to remind you of how positively you felt about them.


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