How to help your senior loved one live independently

Having senior relatives that live alone can be a worry. You may feel concerned they are not getting the help they need and that life is difficult for them trying to live independently. It can be challenging to balance helping your loved one without interfering and taking over. So, if your senior relative seems keen to maintain their independence but reluctant to ask for help, there are several ways you can make life easier for them without interfering. Here are a few ideas to help you make life easier for your loved one without taking over:


Take a Gentle Approach


When it comes to helping loved ones, it is crucial to ensure you don’t assume they need help with everything. One mistake that many people make is making decisions on behalf of their loved ones without listening to their needs. Rather than rushing in and deciding they need help, it is better to take your cue from them. Taking charge and ignoring the opinions of your loved one can have a detrimental impact on your relationship, and the time you spend together will suffer as a result. Making the time to sit down and listen to how they feel about their current living arrangements and which parts of their life require extra support is an excellent place to start. Once you have established their needs, you can provide the support they need while respecting their independence and opinions. 


Research Help at Home


If your senior loved one wants to live independently, you may find they need a little extra support. Taking care of them yourself can be a challenge when you have a job and other responsibilities. You may also find your relative does not want you to help them in case it changes your relationship. An excellent way to get your relative the help they need is to arrange to have In-Home Senior Care. Looking for a home care provider will ensure your loved one is relieved of the worry of carrying out household chores and other tasks around the home. Instead of using their time and energy to complete these tasks, they will have greater freedom to enjoy quality time without worry.


Make Home Improvements


Making it as easy for your relative to live independently is the ideal way to respect their wishes. Discussing which areas of their home they find problematic will enable you to arrange alterations to take place to make their life simpler. Adding handrails to areas of the house with steps and looking into the possibility of an accessible bathtub and shower are just a few options to consider.


Stay in Touch


Maintaining consistent communication with your loved one is essential to ensure they are comfortable with their living arrangements. Staying in touch will help you detect any problems and ensure they are resolved quickly. It will be so much easier for your senior relative to continue living independently, knowing they have your support and you are there for them should they need you.


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