4 Reasons to go into business as a young parent

Becoming a new parent has definitely changed my life in many different ways. It has brought unconditional love that I didn’t even know existed, but at the same time my life now completely revolves around the needs of another human, which can be tiring and difficult, and has made me appreciate  working parents especially those momma bears even more ( I know my mat leave will end eventually so I need some serious tips). I have barely found a way to balance sleep and feeding myself, let alone balancing your job with your child and the emotions that come with that. It has been such a blessing to be able to spend every minute of the day watching my son grow, but the thought of daycare and then school and not having this time is definitely guilt inducing.

The thing is, it’s a really good thing that your children can see you achieve. It’s good for them to grow up with a family that has a strong work ethic as well as parents to care for them. Financially, it’s not always possible for parents to stay at home, but if you went into business as a parent that could be different. Choosing to startup your own business with homecare101.ca for example is going to help you to be more flexible with your hours. It’s going to allow you to be present while still working hard for something to develop. So, here are 4 reasons you should go into business after parenthood.

There’s less at stake 

There are high stakes in every business, but when you are a young parent, you don’t really have to worry about failing too hard. Most parents who go into business will start a business alongside a secure job. This means that while you’ll be working hard to bring your business into profit, you’re still bringing in an income. 

You have something to profit for 

As a parent, you have children to think about. You have their health and education and their future wedding, and all of the ways that you’re going to support them to become healthy and functioning adults to consider. When you are a parent, you have something to work for, so while this is going to take a lot of your time and you’re going to get very little sleep (what else is new?), you’re going to push yourself to the limit and you’re going to be determined to achieve. 

You are more calculated 

 When you’re a parent, every decision you make is crucial. You’re going to be more calculated in all of your decision-making so that you don’t make the wrong decisions. You know that you can’t just be frivolous, which means that when you are working towards something in a business, you are going to have your children in mind the whole way.

The idea of early retirement becomes a real goal 

If you have an epic idea and you manage to make it profitable, you can retire early and spend more time with your kids!


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