How hard is it to get clear skin?

For years I struggled with my skin and terrible breakouts. I think it had a lot to do with playing tennis outside all day and the combination of sweat, sunscreen, and of course teenage hormones really did a number. I tried everything from creams to prescription medication to fancy facials, and many skincare routines. 

Throughout my struggles I found a few tricks that really worked to give me the best skin possible and I wanted to share some of those with you.

Work Out Your Skin Type

The first step in any skin care routine is to work out your skin type. Do you have normal skin, or is it on the dry or oily side? Maybe you’ve got combination skin that can be hard to work out? Whatever type of skin you have, it’ll form the whole basis of your skincare routine. You’ll be able to pinpoint beneficial products a lot better, and select the right antioxidant rich essential oils to give your skin much more of a barrier. 


Stay Hydrated

One of the best things to do (and also the easiest), is to drink more water. If you’re hydrated inside, you’ll be hydrated on the outside, and that makes skin sheds and repairing a lot easier to handle. Your skin is much more likely to bounce back after a stressful week or a messy day, and you won’t need so much of your moisturizer to keep things feeling smooth. Moisturizing creams can be a little too heavy sometimes, especially if you already have oily skin, and topping up a water bottle can really help. 


Change Your Pillowcase

This is one of the simplest and yet most overlooked tip to help your skin. When you sleep, a lot of dirt and debris can fall out onto your pillow case. Not many people realize it, but that’s where a lot of your spots can come from if you don’t change your bedding often enough. And if you suffer a lot with acne, the oils from your skin are much more likely to seep in and clog up your pores during the night. So try changing your pillowcase every other day, if you don’t have time to strip your sheets more often than on a weekly basis. 


Think About a Cosmetic Procedure

If you still seem to be struggle with blemishes, there are different none invasive skin procedures that take things a step further. I for one have tried a few different procedures when my skin was really acting up and I really loved UL Therapy. Light therapy for skin care is a good way to dial back on things like sun damage, which can prematurely age your skin and make wrinkles appear a lot sooner. If you’re always investing in anti-aging products to help give your skin much more of a glow, this could be a good consideration for you. But be sure to do your research and get more information before fully leaning into your decision – your skin might just need a new moisturizer! 

Getting that TV ready skin (which is something I aim for but alas at least there is always makeup to help on those PMS days) isn’t impossible but it does take work and effort and a consistent routine. I hope that these tips help you reach your skin care goals my friends




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