Home renos: closet addition with Stor-x Organizing Systems

When my husband and I moved into our house in Squamish 3 years ago we decided to forgo the closet upgrade… we later learned this would be one of the biggest mistakes of our marriage. Here is a little before picture of our closet – a mess of wire hangers everywhere. Clutter, unorganized, and I definitely didn’t have enough space ( I mean questionable if I ever will) but it was a big contention in our marriage.

And so when we decided to make some changes to our house, the closet was first on both of our lists. Being a big research guy, he looked around at different options – not to name any names, but may of the more popular closet companies didn’t quite fit the bill. Very expensive and not enough customizing options to make full use of our space.

After days of searching, he came across Stor-x Organizing Systems and Stor-x Sea to Sky. In his words “it maximized space and organization and was modern and clean looking.” Also as parents of a newborn, we didn’t have time to do the work, and Stor-x would come and install everything. My response was something along the lines of “As long as it will fit all my clothes I am on board.”

The whole process was quick and easy. The team came in for install day and it took just a few hours for them to completely transform our closet. See below.


After a few days once all the glue had dried we were able to hang up our clothes and I have never been happier. I finally feel inspired to keep my side of the closet organized (and if you know me you know that is in fact a very big deal) on top of that it has added a lot of value to our space.

This was one of the first renos that we did in the house and we are excited to continue to make the house a home with these customizable options.





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