Why you need to book a ski lodge this winter

Since I started ski touring it has always been a dream of mine to stay at a ski lodge and experience a full weekend of backcountry adventures. This winter I finally took the plunge and booked a 2 night stay at the Journeyman Lodge in the Callaghan Valley.


Journeyman Lodge is located within Callaghan Valley, which is just south of Whistler. Here you will find over 9,000 hectares of terrain, sandwiched on the Lee side of Powder Highway (so you know you are going to have incredible snow). What  I really loved about this particular ski lodge was that it was easily accessible. You could either ski tour, rent cross country skis, take a snow cat, or snowmobile the 13km to the ski lodge. Being 3 months pregnant I opted for the snow cat.

The experience

We went with a group of eight and what I loved is it was a chose your own adventure. Right outside the lodge is  breathtaking mountain views and  beautiful forests with groomed cross country trails so it is easy to explore close to home. For those that are more adventurous there is endless ski touring terrain. Also a short walk from the lodge is a beautiful  wood barrel sauna situated right above the river and so you can unwind with a circuit of hot and cold plunges. On site there are two hosts to help you organize your day as well as chef that prepares delicious family styled breakfast, lunch, apres snacks, and dinner that will literally serve any dietary restriction, and the food is delicious. When it was time to head to bed, I was surprised at just how cozy our room was. Our group had the entire second floor. Each room had a double bed, with its own bathroom.

Day 1

Our first day at the lodge we had some serious skiers luck – it has been an underwhelming snow season in BC this year, but we got lucky with 50cm of fresh powder and so I knew I had to get out for a ski tour. Due to conditions we decided to stay on relative mellow terrain and set out to the north face of the mountain and stick to the trees. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky making it the absolutely perfect day, blue bird + powder. After a lap my legs were feeling the burn of pushing through the deep snow, it was back to the lodge for some fresh soup, sandwich, and hot chocolate.

From extreme sports, to a calm unwinding spot – the lodge is perfect for whatever you are looking for. In the afternoon I sat by a cozy window with the sun beaming down and read my book before delicious apres snacks were brought in.

Day 2

Another sunny and beautiful day in the mountains, today I decided to explore some of the groomed trails just outside the doorstep on my snowshoes. There is about 6km of trails right outside the lodge to explore and the terrain is quite easy to navigate. It takes you through a scenic forest that then takes you down to the river. Being up here honestly made me feel so small because everywhere you looked were giant mountain peaks.

After a morning of some exercise it was time to head back to the lodge and this time we decided to enjoy some time in the games room, complete with a ping pong table, dart board, and other board games.

As someone who has wanted to get more into backcountry skiing and experiences, but also wants to be comfortable and cozy at night – this was the perfect combination and I cannot wait to explore more of BC’s backcountry lodges.

Happy exploring my friends,








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