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Bucket List

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Where did the inspiration come from to start my very own real Bucket List? I was actually watching one of my friend’s TV shows. She is in this show called ‘No Tomorrow’.  The concept of the show is one of the characters believes the world is going to end in a few months and so he has created this list of all the things he wants to do before he dies. The show really got me thinking about my life and the way I live it. While I don’t believe the end of the world is just a few months away, I do believe that we never know how long we have to live our own life. This really got me asking the tough questions, do I live my life to the fullest? Have I done the things that scared me? Have I accomplished the things I have wanted to? Have I followed my dreams?

It was in this moment that I decided to write it all down on paper. Everything I have ever dreamed of doing from the smallest picnic in the park to the biggest swim with sharks in Africa. I figured that if it was on paper, it was tangible. It was something that I could look at every day and ask myself if I am really living my life.

So why would you care that I decided to create a bucket list of things I want to do before I die? Well you probably don’t and that is totally cool, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this with you because I want to make sure you are reminded to really live your life.

If you died tomorrow (God Forbid) could you look back and say, “you know what, I did a lot and accomplished a lot and I am ok with not having more time? That is what I am hoping this list will help me do. I am hoping that it will teach me what really matters in life. It will help me look at the bigger picture. It will help me live. screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-7-47-17-pm

The things on my list vary from small to grand from exciting to scary. They are things that frighten me, force me to be strong, make me happy, and make me feel accomplished.  One of them is trying stand-up comedy, another is hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa.

So the reason for me sharing this with you is to challenge you to ask yourself the hard questions. To realize if you are just walking through life or if you are living life. To dare you to try the things you never dreamed of. To make a promise to yourself that you will live your life to the fullest, because you will never get make this moment, this opportunity, this day. It is a statement that you are going to seize each second that you have been gifted.

All of this inspired by a CW TV show!

If you would like to follow along as I try and cross off as many items off my list as possible than just subscribe to my YouTube page. I will be posting videos and sharing some of the moments of this journey with you as I live out my very own Bucket List



Miawgordon.com is officially here


Firstly I would like to apologize to anyone who has been following my career from the start. I know this seems like my 100th website and blog and that’s because it is but at the age of 27 with the next chapter of my life about to take off, I decided it was time to  finally be a grown up and finally time to have my own .com website.

So why now you may ask. What is this next chapter I speak of? Well if you did follow my other 100 blogs you may know that I recently took a job as the lead reporter and content creator with the newly established National Lacrosse League Productions team. Basically my job is to create stories and content in hopes of helping grow the game across the nation and I must say, I L-O-V-E my job.

I have held many different titles, positions, and hats during my 5 short years in the media industry, but what I have learned in this time is that it is rapidly changing. What I think I love most about NLL Productions and the soon to be launched NLL TV is how ahead they are from the pack. With fewer cable subscriptions and less people sitting down to watch on  TV, we are charging head first into the digital world.

I have certainly experienced the changing media world first hand. It wasn’t too long ago that the TV station I worked for shut down, leaving hundreds of employees trying to find work in a very competitive industry. Later, I watched as dozens of my friends lost their job when another station declared bankruptcy. It was evident that the media broadcast industry as we knew it was changing rapidly and the way to keep up was transitioning to the digital world.

So we now come full circle, just like the broadcast industry transitions to the digital world, so must Mia Gordon. I intend to use this website as an opportunity to share the stories I care about and that I am able to put together for the NLL, to share with you my passions, travels, hobbies, and causes that matter to me. For those of you who have followed my career through all 100 websites I say thank you, and to those who are joining the journey now, welcome I can’t wait to share my future adventures!