Popular Beauty Procedures that are Causing a Stir

Trust me, I get it, right now no one, and I mean no one feels like themselves. For most getting to work is moving from the bed to the downstairs office. Sweatpants has become part of the daily routine, but deep down I still long for getting dressed up, putting on making, and feeling like my best self. Despite dealing with a global pandemic, it still seems important to feel good  and feel beautiful. For some, that might be an extra half hour to do your hair in the morning, for others there might be the draw to try something new and different. There are so many inventions, treatments, and procedures that are none invasive but can also amplify beauty. I wanted to share some of the ones I have discovered over the years that might be a little outside of the box. 


1. Cosmetic Dentistry

The aesthetic side of dentistry – cosmetic dentistry – focuses on dental work that fixes faults in and improves the appearance of teeth, the jawline and gums. It is more for appearance rather than functionality giving importance to the colour (whiteness), alignment and size of teeth and overall appearance of the smile. Wahroonga Dental offers these services, among others.


2. Laser Eye Surgery

I had laser eye surgery when I turned 21 and it was the best decision of my life. I was finally able to see the world clearly. Previously, those with poor eyesight had no choice but to wear spectacles. Then came the option of lenses. Now, if one doesn’t like the inconvenience of putting lenses on and taking them off, there is the advanced option of laser eye surgery. Twenty-twenty vision at your fingertips! 


3. Tattooed Eyebrows and Microblading

Yes you read that right… you can now permanently tattoo on eyebrows so you don’t have to worry about stray hairs or shaping them to perfection. A similar but more scientific semi-permanent technique known as microblading is another option – this treatment is intended to make your eyebrows look flawless and fuller without the regular hassle of trimming, plucking and shaping. Being that styles and life are constantly changing I am a big fan of the later 


4. Laser Hair Removal

I did laser hair removal for the first time last year and really loved it. I was so tired of shaving all the time so it was nice to find a more permanent solution to getting rid of unwanted body and facial hair, laser hair removal is also popular amongst men who like to be well-groomed.  You might need to go back for top-up sittings, however, as there is no guarantee that the hair won’t resurface after a few months. It will be significantly lesser, but with hormonal changes there are chances of hair re-growth.


5. Botox Injections

This one is a little more invasive than the other beauty producers, but having tried it for myself once, it was a nice way for a quick pick me up.  A couple of years ago, botox injections weren’t as popular or common as they are today. Now, a significantly larger number of people are opting for this procedure that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and ageing. These injections help make the skin look tighter and firmer, and seems to work a lot quicker and more efficiently  than all of the anti wrinkle creams I have tried. 


6. Keratin Hair Treatment

This isn’t a new procedure, but it’s just as popular even now. Straight hair has always been in style (with the perm and waves and curls making intermittent appearances), and at one point poker-straight tresses brought about through re-bonding was all the craze. But with a turn towards a more natural look, and with the focus being more on using natural ingredients rather than the chemically-charged products needed for re-bonding, keratin treatments made a splash about a decade ago, and is still as popular in salons. Silky, smooth, straightened, manageable hair – what’s not to like?!

4 Ways to Ensure People Take you Seriously at Work

As a young female trying to break into a male dominated world of sports broadcasting, I was met with endless obstacles. Despite having been a professional athlete in the past, and putting in years and countless hours in the evening and on weekends, my foot seemed to be stuck on the same spot on the ladder. It wouldn’t budge. That is a big reason why I quit the sports world.

Now I am happier than ever, doing a job that I love, telling stories I am passionate about, connecting with my peers, and being treated as an equal, but it took me giving up on what I thought was my “dream job” to find the actual dream career, all because I felt stuck on the ladder.

Let’s be honest, ladies. While many of us enjoy equal footing with our male counterparts at work, there are many women all over the world who are not treated (or paid) as equals. Don’t take my word for it, the Let’s be honest, ladies. While many of us enjoy equal footing with our male counterparts at work, there are many women like us all over the world who are not treated (or paid) as equals. Indeed, the World Economic Forum estimates that it will take over 200 years for the gender pay gap to close globally.  Even in supposedly enlightened countries with equality legislation women are still underestimated, misrepresented, condescended and mansplained to. As more women establish their own businesses and rise to senior positions of power, the landscape is slowly changing. But the fact remains that many women are not taken as seriously as they should be at work.


In fact, a friend of mine recently shared a story about a colleague that was overpassed for a promotion because of  her mat leave.This story broke my heart and enraged me all at the same time. So I decided to do some research to find some ways which you can be more assertive at work and ensure that your peers and seniors alike take you seriously…

Conduct yourself with the utmost professionalism

It goes without saying that if you insist on being taken seriously in the workplace, wherever your workplace is, your own behaviour needs to be unimpeachable. Try not to focus on what others are getting up to or getting away with. What they do is their own businesses and you won’t accomplish anything by bringing yourself down to their level. 

Be polite, be warm, you can even be funny. But know where to toe the line and stay on the right side of propriety. Which brings us to…

Call out toxic behaviour

Nobody enjoys rocking the boat. But toxic, misogynistic behaviour cannot be tolerated in the workplace. Lately we have seen more women sticking up for themselves and feeling like they have a voice (hence the #metoo movement) but I can only imagine how difficult this can actually be when it is your shoes and not someone else’s. 

The trouble is that such behaviour and language isn’t always done with malicious intent. Sometimes its just an insensitivity caused by decades of living with a blindfold on, especially when you aren’t the ones that have had to deal with the inequality. Where you can, talk to the offender calmly about their transgressions. Wherever you don’t feel comfortable doing that, address the matter with your line manager.

Look the part 

Yes I, like I am sure many of you have a university degree, we have an education, we have experience, we have work ethic? Shouldn’t that be enough to be treated equally? Well it is also important to look professional in the work space. Not only will looking good, groomed, and professional make others respect you more, but it will make you feel more confident about yourself. During my research one easy idea that I came across was instead of switching out your glasses for contacts, keep the frames on. Psychologists suggest  that wearing our glasses to work can actually make others perceive us as more intelligent and authoritative. If you’re worried that your existing frames are less than flattering, or maybe not appropriate for work, now might be the perfect time to head to https://www.eyeglasses.com to get yourself some new frames. As well as treating yourself, you’re investing in your future career.


Look after yourself and confidence will follow

Finally, as mentioned above, taking care of yourself personally, mentally, and physically, will only help you feel your best, and trust me that shows professional as well. Though you may be plagued by impostor syndrome, you need to embrace the domino effect that comes with looking after your mind and body. Treat yourself with respect by eating right, exercising regularly, growing your knowledge and skills and staying socially active. Confidence will always be a consequence of good self care. And confidence will allow you to not only shine in your work, but enable you to stick your head above the parapet and call others out when their behaviour doesn’t meet the standard you expect from your workplace.


The Self Care Domino Effect: Look Good, Feel Good

I know these last few months have been hard for all of us. Dealing with isolation, social distancing, and working from home. There are days where I don’t even get out of my PJs! But here is the thing I have found lately, the lack of effort I have put into my physical appearance and well being has had a much more negative effect than just my hair looking a little on the greasy side.

When you’ve made an effort with your appearance, you’ve more than likely felt the association between looking good and feeling good. You feel confident and ready to take on what the day has to throw at you. Be it an interview to land a promotion or a date with a crush you’ve been swooning over for months; your appearance plays a large part in influencing the way you feel about yourself. When we have something important in our lives, we usually put in the effort to look our best, because it helps us feel our best. 

Another example of how the way we look affects our emotions is that a bad haircut can reduce many to tears (first world problems I know, but oh so true). In fact, I can’t deny I shed a few tears when I dyed my hair a little to dark.  Frustration strikes when a splodge of mascara lands on your foundation. Or your nails you’ve committed to growing for some time begin to chip!

The main point being, whether you like it or not, appearance to a degree matters, from fashion choices to skincare regimes, it influences the way you think and feel about yourself. So let’s delve into more about why that is, and why spending time to beautify and love yourself just a bit more, will boost your health and wellbeing.

Self Love

Primarily, paying attention to the way you look is about self-love. Self-care can include a myriad of positive activities, from morning and night beauty rituals, dedicating time to sleep more, getting in that hour of exercise, and being mindful about what you eat. Above all, Self-love is essential for our wellbeing. When you’re old enough to fend for yourself, the one person in the world that should love, and take care of you the most, is you! The positive effects of self-care manifest throughout your life, affecting the way you feel, look, and act. 

Taking Back Control

Plus, taking care of yourself also gives you back control of your feelings, particularly when you’ve had a bad day. Familiarity, such as applying your favourite night time serum with an aroma of lavender, makes you feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. Or getting active every day after work is something you can look forward to, to round off a hard day of work, and shake off any stress and negativity. Which also releases those feel-good endorphins and helps you keep your body in shape. Knowing what is going to make you happy, and applying it is you being in control of your well-being. 

Making Progress To Be A Better You

But self-love isn’t just about taking control of a chaotic day; it’s also about making progress. In each area of our lives, we seek to make progress in one way or another. Whether building wealth and working towards financial independence. Going back to college to improve our education and get a better job. To calm addictive behaviours that impair our lives, such as constantly checking social media (guilty) or maybe it is one too many glasses of wine with friends. Our appearance is no different. And so whether you’re committing the next 6 to 12 months to invisalign treatment to enhance your smile, or cutting out some sugar to have a more well balanced diet. Feeling as though you’re taking steps to improve your body, boosts self-esteem, and makes us feel like we’re making progress to be the best versions of ourselves.

Tell-Tale Signs

I know the last few months our appearance hasn’t really been a top priority, but it can say a lot about a person. On top of that looking our best just helps us feel our best. I mean my wedding day I felt my most beautiful, from my hair staying in place to having just the right amount of blush. I know I am guilty of looking back at old photos and wishing I still had the same body from when I was playing professional tennis, or the long locks I had when I was younger, but but maintaining beauty as we age, is a work of art (key word there work). It takes time, dedication, and commitment to make healthy choices for your body and groom regularly. 

For example concerning our largest, external organ;

“The skin is an extremely sensitive organ that, unfortunately, reveals a lot about how we feel both physically and emotionally.” – Isabella Koretz, founder of Ciel Spa in Beverly Hills.

The statement above couldn’t be more accurate. I can notice changes within hours, like if I didn’t get a good night’s sleep I see the bags the next morning, or if I am dehydrated and drained, my skin looks lifeless. 

The way our body looks gives us a strong indication of whether we’re taking care of ourselves. For example, thinning hair could be due to stress. Emerging wrinkles could be due to not using sun protection cream. Red puffy eyes could be due to drinking too much. 

Beauty is more than skin deep. It reflects the effort, time, and love you put into looking after your whole body. If you feed your body nutritious food, drink lots of water, sleep 8 hours a night, exercise, take time to unwind and pamper you will undoubtedly look better, Your skin will glow, fine lines will reduce, and you’ll smile more! Continuous self-care forms a cycle of positivity. From making an effort to look great, your appearance improves, and you’ll feel happier.


Sharing some local love

Let me start of by stating the obvious, we are living in a very unprecedented time. I don’t think anyone truly knows how to navigate through this as what was normal life is completely thrown out the window. Most of my google searches are now about Coronavirus, something I hadn’t even heard of a month ago, and to say this virus has been a tragedy would be an understatement, Lost lives, lost jobs, lost opportunities. But while it has definitely been a negative situation, I am trying to bring some light to some positive things we can do to help, while staying home (which is the best thing we can do to help out period.)

I know that right now many of us are feeling hopeless, but there are lots that we can do to help our communities. Give blood and donate to food banks are two big ones right now, but as I mentioned you can also help out without leaving the comforts of your couch. Local businesses are probably hurting the most right now, and could definitely use some local love.

When I moved to Squamish B.C., I was amazed to see how many small businesses were the backbone of this community ( over 100 just in the downtown core), and so when doors had to shut, and businesses close I was heartbroken, but then I started speaking to some owners and doing some research and there are still ways to help them out.

Now trust me, I understand that everyone is going through a tough time right now, and maybe helping a small business financially isn’t in the cards right now, but guess what? Some of these ideas don’t even cost a dime!

Find out what services are now online 

Many local businesses are switching their services to an online outlet. My favourite gym, Breathe, has been offering cheap monthly memberships and IG videos that you can watch whenever you feel like it to stay fit at home. My dog trainer, Sea to Sky K9  is offering online training classes, and my favourite shop Wild and Heart has moved their shop online. Most businesses are learning how to adapt with this new normal and making sure we don’t have to skip a beat. The best thing is because this is so new, you can get a really great deal and still be able to work on your six pack.

Grocery shop local

Sure, we aren’t really supposed to be making multiple shops at speciality stores right now just so we can pick up local goods. Until recently the easiest way to get food for my husband and myself was at the grocery store, but then we discovered Spud. Not only does it allow you to shop online, but it also works closely with local grocers to sell their goods. Sure it might be a bit pricier, but at least you know you are supporting a local farm.

Spend now shop later


A lot of small communities have been offering gift card opportunities where you can support local businesses up front now and shop once the re-open. Actually here in Squamish you can buy gift cards for restaurants that are offering take out and go and pick up a dinner for the week. It is a great option to make sure they still have an income through all of this

Leave a comment or review

My dog trainer had a great idea, for every day we are stuck in quarantine why not leave a comment or a review for a local business that you are a fan of. This way you are supporting the businesses without having any financial costs associated with it. When everything opens up again, people will be able to see the great review you left and it will hopefully bring them more future business.

Have a local date night

With many of us having to navigate working from home with our spouse, things might be a little tense around the house and so it is very important to still make time for the two of you. Why not set aside some time for a weekly date night where you separate the office life and home life. A lot of local restaurants are still offering take out options. Order ahead, pour a glass of wine, and take a night off from cooking (something that I have been doing a lot more lately and must say I could use a break from ha).

I know that these are weird and very scary times for everyone but just remember the entire world is in this together, and together we will get through this with a little help.






Just checking in…

Happy April everybody!

I wish I could say April Fools and snap my finger and have everything just go back to normal but unfortunately I can’t do that. Instead I can write this blog and check in on my friends and family and make sure we are all doing ok, and to let you know if you are’t doing ok, well that is ok too.

It has been a weird, uncertain, strange, and scary time to say the least. I think the scariest part for me is the unknown. The unknown elements to the virus, the unknown final statistics and numbers, the unknown if a loved one or family member will test positive, and the unknown timeline of when things will get back to normal or if it even will get back to normal.

As I mentioned, it is ok to not be ok, it is ok to feel emotion, to be scared, to be sad. Sad for missed weddings, for missed birthdays, for missed childbirth, for missed honeymoons. It is ok to be sad that you lost your job, or hours, or interviews. So feel the emotions, be sad, but also be strong because you are not alone, we are all truly in this together from one end of the world to the other.

To be honest, there have been days where I haven’t been ok. Where I have cried, had a panic attack, broke down, screamed at my husband, thought about worst case scenario, read the news and cried some more.

I count my blessings every day though. I am working and staying busy and telling stories that I love and distracting myself, I have an amazing husband to keep me grounded and sane, an amazing dog that gives me an excuse to get some fresh air every day, amazing friends that check in on me, and an amazing family. I realize that not everyone is in the same position and so I want this to be an outlet for you, an opportunity to share your fears, your tears, but also your hope and your courage so that we can all get through this together, and hopefully keep as many of the vulnerable safe.

I also just wanted to share a few things that I have felt helpful to get through this.

Take a moment to breathe and be grateful 

If you know me and have followed this blog, you might know that I suffer from anxiety and so I have been struggling, but I have found comfort in waking up early and doing some breathing exercise ( or trying them throughout the day when I am feeling stressed). I also try and write down three to five things that I am thankful for everyday. It makes me realize how truly lucky I am. I also keep reminding myself the reason that we are doing this and social distancing is to help save as many lives as possible.

Try and get into a routine 

As I mentioned I am pretty lucky because I am still working right now, which definitely keeps me distracted but I felt like I was just pouring all my time and energy into work so I decided to come up with a daily schedule. I make sure to take time to walk my dog and get fresh air and also make sure I work out for an hour or go for a run because that is something that helps me clear my head when I am stressed.

Call your friends and family 

I have actually found myself facetiming and calling my family and long distance friends now more than every. As terrible as this situation is, it makes me realize how special relationships are and that in the busy world we live in, it is important to take the time out for the people we love. I have also found comfort in finding people that I can open up with and share my experiences with.

Let yourself have emotions 

I am the kind of person who tends to hold things inside until I explore, and then the situation is 10 times worse than what it would have been if I just dealt with it in the moment. I have found it has helped by letting myself feel. Sometimes I am angry and sometimes I am sad. I let myself feel the emotions but I always try and and make sure I try and end on a positive feeling (goodnewsmovement has really helped with that)

Try not to read too much 

As a journalist, it is my job to stay informed and so I am always checking the latest information, but once the work day is done I try and shut it off and if you don’t work in the news or health care don’t spend hours reading article after article because here is the thing, the virus is so scary because it is so new and unknown and so no one right now really has the answer and so reading that it will take over a year or we will have to be in lockdown for six months, sure that might be the case but don’t stress yourself out over things that aren’t proven or known yet.

Listen to health officials 

It is so frustrating when I see tweets and pictures of people gathering in groups and having house parties. Listen just because you are young and healthy, it doesn’t mean it won’t spread to family members you care about that aren’t as young and healthy. The sad thing is more and more “young and healthy” people are also finding themselves in the ICU. It is important we all listen to our health care officials and government officials and do the right thing so we can all beat COVID19 together.

Give back when you can 

I honestly feel so helpless in all of this (although the most helpful thing we can do is all stay home) but there are ways we can help. Health care workers need masks, researchers need funds, and food banks need donations. I am giving blood for the first time next month which I am very nervous but also excited to do my part. I have found comfort in being able to do some small things to help out.

So here I am, just checking in and making sure you are all ok, and if you are not ok. I am here for you all, and just know we will all get through this together by staying apart (for now)

Keep your heads high my friends,