Product Love: QLYX


23658474_1902890286707616_3766166520012031259_nMy name is Mia Gordon and I am directionally  challenged. Maps make zero sense to me, and I couldn’t tell you North from West if my life depended on it. Because of work I have to drive a lot. From  games, to interviews, to different radio and T.V stations. Since my GPS can never find a single or always needs a map update, I am relying on my phone to get me to where I need to go.

In the past, I would leave my phone on my passenger seat in hopes that the computer voice giving my directions would speak to me early enough to make a left turn. It wasn’t the most successful way to go. That is when I discovered QLYX.

This magnetic phone mount for my car makes it easy to follow directions while staying hands free. Perfect for the directional impaired like myself. It fits right on my vent and makes it so easy to punch in addresses and follow given directions without any distractions.


I really love my experience with QLYX so far and after doing some more research I became even more impressed with this device. It is the first car wearable and smart mount for both iOS and Android phones meaning you can use it no matter what phone you have.

The QLYX is also extremely diverse. While I enjoy clipping it right on to my air vent, you can also put it on any flat surface and use it as an adhesive pad. I loved this aspect because when it is clipped to my air vent it never loses grip and falls down like my old GPS used to.

I was also extremely impressed at how strong the magnets of QLYX are. I always have a phone case on my phone since I always manage to drop it. Instead of having to take my case off so that it would stick to the device and then put it back on when I am leaving, it actually sticks right through the case.

The real kicker for me though was it has built in Bluetooth Low Energy module to connect to the phone and is able to auto launch my applications, meaning I don’t even have to use my hands to get to my map and it also helps me with traffic situations so that I can get to my final destination as easy as possible.

Aside from maps, it also opens up Apple and Google music, Uber, Waze, and Spotify to name a few must need apps so that way you can jam out to your tunes while following your route.  It is also programmed to auto-launch another app only at the beginning of a session in order not to spam you with push notifications.

Stylish, simple, easy. Customize your colour, clip it on,a and go. Making using your phone without any distractions that much easier.

Want to give this awesome device a try? Well you can now order it for 15% off by following this link;

Hands free driving just got a lot easier.


Mia 25158229_1917677975228847_8932825529651660539_n

Product Love: Lean Joe Bean


My days are Busy with a capital B. I wake up in the mornings and start editing content, head out for interviews, film on camera segments and then when the day shift ends I head into Sportsnet to host the sports updates on the radio. That is just Monday through Friday. On Saturday’s you can catch me in the hockey arena or lacrosse field where I am hosting the games, interviewing players, and reporter live on the event. As I said, Busy.

Since I don’t really have time for a break during the day, I need to make sure the food I eat is fast, and that there is constantly coffee in my mug to keep me awake for my 9-5 and by that I mean 9-midnight shift.

I found myself spending way too much money on coffee and started looking for products that I can take with me on the run. That is when I came across Lean Joe Bean. Not only is it a great tasting instant coffee that dissolves in hot or cold liquids, but it also improves body composition helping you lose body weight, body fat, and improve energy overall. Could it get any better? A coffee that can keep up and also make me feel less guilty when I have to skip leg day because of a deadline.

Lean Joe Bean is honestly like no other supplement. It has taken seven years to develop this delicious coffee mix that is both safe and effective. What I love most is it is simple and quick to prepare and it really is tasty unlike other instant coffee mixes.

Lean Joe Bean’s secret weapon comes from its unique ingredients which includes dark roast coffee, green coffee bean, addolean, garcinia cambogia, green tea extracts, ginseng extracts and carnitine.

Want to give this delicious and convenient product a go? Well I have a deal for you. You can now try their 30 day supply for 20% off by using the promo code “MIAWGORDON” at checkout. Find out more by visiting their website;

Finally a coffee that can be ready on the go for those of us that are always on the go.




Product Love: V4INK


With tax season, The NLL season, and the NHL season in full force I am the busiest I have been in a long time. Trying to file my taxes while also writing scrips and traveling for games can get exhausting. Since my schedule is none stop, I need to make sure the products that I use can keep up with me.

I always print scripts ahead of time so that I am ready for game time. I want to go over my lines, know my hits, and just have a hard copy in front of me for reference. I also I also always print my tax slips and information. That means I have been using a lot of ink and toner lately and kept running out.  Since I am always on the run, I didn’t have time to also be running to the store to re-stock.

That is when I came across v4ink. instead of constantly running to the store when I was out, I could order online. They make the process so easy by having you answer simple questions so that you know what ink and toner is right for you. Once you know what you need, you create an account and check out. By creating an account with v4ink, it is simple to place and track orders and all of your information will be on file, making it easy to re-order. Oh and another huge plus, shipping is free. You also have a chance to test their products for free to make sure that they are the perfect fit.

What I also loved was the fact this company offers helpful tips like how to deal with a Copier Jam and even ways to save money on office supplies. They are knowledgable and really here to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Deal Alert

Ok but here is the best part, if you are like me and in desperate need of ink and toner this tax season, V4link is here to help. Not only do they make order and shipping hassle free, but this tax season they are helping you save. By using the promo code TAXABLE you will save 10% on all of your  ink and toner orders and purchases. V4ink is making saving simple even if your taxes aren’t.

Make sure to check out their website today for more information;

I know tax season can be tough but at least printing can be care free.

Happy tax season my friends.

Product Love: Jewel On Fire


Working on T.V. has its challenges. I have to write scripts, remember my lines, come up with creative interview questions, engage the audience, and try and look my best in the process. Just the other day I was watching back one of my reports when I realized something was missing, I looked well, blah. I had no colour or pop to my outfit. It was in that moment that I was on a mission to find some jewelry that would stand out, but not overshadow. That would compliment my outfit, but not break the bank. High expectations right? Well not actually because I stumbled upon Jewel On Fire.

About Jewel On Fire 

I was really impressed when I started to do my research on the company. After working as jewelry manufacturers for over 50 years, they realized how much stores would mark up the cost of diamonds and gems. UP TO 500% (no wonder diamonds are so unaffordable). Their concept is that regular people like you and me should be able to afford high quality jewelry and so they cut out the middle man. You are able to buy directly from the craftsmen and manufacturers at 90% off retail pricing. Sounds pretty good right? Well it gets better because you can do it from your couch. In fact I am looking at the next piece I want to buy right now.

Just take a look at some of the amazing pieces available on the site. All low cost but real diamonds and gems;


Not sold just yet? Well how about this, you can get 25% off your Jewel on Fire promo code using the code: MIAWGORDON. Just click the link and get going;

Whether you are looking for jewelry from a night on the town, your wedding, a gift, or just something to dress up your every day look you can find it here at an affordable price.

Happy Shopping friends,









Product Love: Garnier Face Care


If you have been following my blog you know that I use Garnier shampoo and conditioner for my hair. Well I recently discovered their skin care products and quickly became addicted to them. What I love about these products is how moisturizing they are. As an on air reporter and host who travels a lot for work, I am always dealing with changing conditions and climates and need a product that will keep my skin healthy. I wanted to share my routine and some of my must have’s with you.

 My face routine

Step 1 


Micellar Water All-in-1 Cleansing Water

I start with this cleanser day and night because it just leaves my skin feeling and looking so clean. I use a cotton ball to remove al my makeup. It lifts all my oil and makeup while not leaving my skin feeling dry. I also love that it is really gentle on my eyes.

Step 2

Clearly-Brighter-Hydratant-Quotidien-Radiant-et-Lissant-SPF15 - big

Skin Active Clearly Brighter SPF 15 Brightening and Smoothing Daily Moisturizer

My next step in the day time is my moisturizer and I love this SkinActive Clearly Brighter moisturizer. It contains an antioxidant complex of Vitamin C and E so it helps my skin look more alive no matter how much sleep I got the night before. It also evens out my skin tone and it absorbs fast which is great for someone on the go. The best part it contains SPF so I never forget to protect my skin.

Step 3 

Moisture Bomb - Super Hydratant oxydant crème_new_New

Moisture Bomb Gel Cream 
At night I use a different moisturizer, the Moisture Bomb Gel Cream because it helps repair my skin overnight. I love this cream because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants like Goji Berry extracts. It really helps my skin recover and hydrate while I am sleeping. I wake up with smoother and healthy skin. The really neat thing about this cream is that it helps renew, restore, and nourish the epidermis meaning a more radiant glow.

Step 4 


 Garner Skinactive Clearly Brighter Dark Spots Corrector

I finish my routine with this dark spots corrector that has a high level of Vitamin C and exfoliating ingredients which helps eliminate skin surface dead cells. the corrector helps even out my skin town and leaves my skin looking flawless. I have truly noticed a difference.

I have truly noticed a difference in the quality of my skin since I started using these products. My skin is brighter, softer, smoother, and my hydrate. It really helps with the changing conditions when I travel and helps make being on camera a lot easier.