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  • Planning the perfect honeymoon in Bali Part 1: Ubud

    Planning the perfect honeymoon in Bali Part 1: Ubud
  • Where to explore B.C… Later

    Where to explore B.C… Later
  • Sharing some local love

    Sharing some local love
  • Just checking in…

    Just checking in…

Fitness Fun: Spin Society

As a former professional athlete fitness and health have always been very important to me. Back in my training days I was spending 5 hours a day working out. Now the tides have turned and…

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Mia goes M.I.A. Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to drive across Canada, exploring five different provinces from Ontario to British Columbia. While each province had so much to offer, to explore, and to experience (which I…

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Product Love: Biosil

For the last six years I have worked on air as a reporter and host, you know what that means? It means for the last six years, nearly every single day, I have had to…

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Mia Goes M.I.A. The Amalfi Coast

This summer I had the chance to visit the Amalfi Coast, a magical coastline in south Italy. It is hard to put into words just how beautiful the Amalfi Coast truly is but I will…

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Product Love: Garnier

I have to admit, in the past I would always walk right past Garnier on the shelves and move on to the more expensive “salon recommended” brands. It wasn’t until after I decided to spend…

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