Product Love: Garnier


I have to admit, in the past I would always walk right past Garnier on the shelves and move on to the more expensive “salon recommended” brands. It wasn’t until after I decided to spend all my money on purchasing a condo that I had to start cutting back on my spending, and decided to give Garnier a try.

As an on air reporter and host, I am constantly damaging my hair. I use heat products daily, I colour monthly. I needed to make sure that I was using hair products that would both protect and repair.

I found a Garnier product that promised me that right on the label. Enter Garnier Damage Erase line. Not only did the shampoo, conditioner, and spray cost less than buying one item from my previous go to, it also said that the Marula oil used they use helps preserve and reconstruct distressed and damaged hair.

Gariner sure talked the talk, but did it actually walk the walk was the question? When I first opened the bottle I was distracted right away by the delicious flower and fruity smells. Ok, I knew I was going to come out of the shower smelling fantastic, but would the product actually work?

I have to admit I was beyond impressed with Garnier. My hair was just as soft if not softer than after using the expensive salon products. As I continued to use my new found obsession, my hair continued to stay soft, it stopped breaking, it started actually growing, and it was started to shine again on air.

As someone who travels a lot for both personal and work reasons, I am on the road a lot. I need to take my Garnier with me to make sure that my hair is constantly ready for whatever elements are thrown my way.

I have to say Garnier has been a life saver for both my hair and my bank account and I will never go back to another product ever again.

For more information on Garnier’s Damage Erase line, check out their website;



Makeup Monday: Mary Kay Summer Makeup Review

While fellow Torontonians may argue that summer is not coming this year, I promise the warmer temperatures will be here soon. The beaming sun, the beach time, the patio weather, it is coming. With the change in the temps also comes a change to my skin. Warmer weather, humid air, it certainly has an effect on my skin. So with the change of the season also comes change to my skin care routine and the makeup that I use.

As an on air personality, I have to be really careful with the makeup products that I use. I wear a lot of makeup for work, but want to also make sure it is gentle on my skin. As you know I have been a fan of Mary Kay products for quite some time because of this, and yet again I have fallen in love with their summer line. I wanted to share with you some of their summer products that I absolutely love and why.

Clear proof Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask- $26


This is by far my favourite product of the entire summer line. Saying I am obsessed would be an understatement.  I use this mask about 3 times a week and I love, love, love it. I put the past on my skin and neck for about 10 minutes. How It works is it goes on creamy and then dries up, absorbing any dirt that may be on your skin. As a reporter, I wear a lot of makeup, and with the warmer temps the combination of makeup and sweat causes my skin to get oily. The mask works wonders by unclogging pores, absorbing excess oil, reducing shine, and just helping clean my skin overall. Plus I love the slight peppermint sent which just makes my skin feel refreshed.

Beauty that Counts Baked Cheek Powder- $23

10103619 CSR Cheek Color Kind Heart

the heart shaped powder made me automatically fall in love with it, but how it looked on my skin got me hooked. Adding a slight tint of shimmer is perfect for summer but also perfect for on camera.  It adds the perfect rosy colour to my cheeks without looking overpowering. What I also love is it looks great on all skin tones so even as my skin starts to get a tan, it still compliments me well.

Mary Kay Summer Time Jewel Kit- $89  


The Jewel Kit comes with three eye shadows, a bronzer, lipstick and eyeliner and all of the colours are perfect for the sweet summertime. The eyeshadows include sweet cream ( a perfect highlighter) Hazelnut (a perfect base) and Emerald ( a perfect fun addition). What I love is that while I usually use deep browns, these colours help me transition to a more subtle summer look without losing the smokey eye look.

Another part of this kit I love is the bronzer. The colour that I have is Sunny Spice. What I love about this colour in particular is that it has a matte finish which is perfect for on air and it really helps define your cheekbone. I have yet to get rid of my baby fat chubby cheeks, but this bronzer helps out with that.

The best part is that both the eye shadows and the bronzer contain vitamin A, C, and E which helps protect against wrinkles. That is right, a makeup that not only makes you look great but does great things for your skin. Basically a win win situation

These are some of my favourite products for the upcoming season from Mary Kay, but of course the best way to make sure your skin is looking fresh and clean during the summer is wash off all that makeup and make sure you got your sun screen on in full force.

Happy summer time y’all