Essential Items to Buy Before Embarking on a Camping Trip with Your Family

My husband and I moved to British Columbia so that we could be in the mountains. We both love being active in the outdoors. From biking to hiking and recently we have fallen in love with camping. While we have yet to try out a camping trip with our new addition (our 7 month old son) it is on our to do list and so we have been doing a lot of research into what we need to go camping together as a family.

Firstly I want to say no matter what activity you are doing outdoors you should always have the 10 essentials:

  • Navigation
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Sun Protection
  • Illumination
  • Insulation
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Starter
  • Communication Device
  • Shelter

Now I wanted to dive a little deeper into some other useful items for a family camping trip.


1) Mosquito repellent


The last thing you want on your camping trip is to be constantly swatting at mosquitoes. Not only is it annoying, but it can also ruin your relaxation. To avoid this, make sure to pack some mosquito repellent. You’ll be glad you did!


There are a variety of mosquito repellents available on the market, so finding one that suits your needs shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re unsure of which product to choose, ask a sales associate at your local store for help. Once you have your mosquito repellent, apply it liberally before heading outdoors. Then, reapply as needed throughout the day, especially if you’re sweating or swimming.


2) First aid kit


I mentioned this earlier in the 10 essentials and it really is a must have. A first aid kit is an essential item for any camping trip. Accidents can happen, so it’s always better to be prepared. Your first aid kit doesn’t need to be anything fancy. A simple one with bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers should suffice.


If you have any specific medical conditions that require medication, make sure to pack those as well. And if you’re unsure of how to use any of the items in your first aid kit, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or family member for help. Better safe than sorry!



3) Sunscreen


Whether you’re planning to spend the day hiking or just relaxing by the campsite, it’s vital to protect your skin from the sun. Be sure to pack sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply it frequently throughout the day.


Also, don’t forget to pack lip balm with sunscreen to protect your lips from sunburn. And don’t forget hats and sunglasses for extra protection! Finally, if you have sensitive skin, be sure to pack an aloe vera gel or lotion to help soothe any sunburns.


4) Weatherproof gear


I mentioned insulation and shelter – and making sure you have weatherproof gear is essnetial The weather can be unpredictable, especially in the  mountains, so it’s always better to be prepared. If you’re camping in an area that is known for bad weather, make sure to pack some weatherproof gear from EcoGearFX. This includes items such as raincoats, boots, and umbrellas.


If you don’t have any weatherproof gear, don’t worry! You can usually purchase these items at your local store. Just make sure to check the forecast before you leave so you know what to expect. Also, keep in mind that the weather can change quickly, so it’s always a good idea to have some extra clothes packed just in case.


Now that you know what to pack for your next camping trip, all that’s left is to have fun! So get outdoors and enjoy all that nature has to offer with your family and friends. And don’t forget to take plenty of pictures!


Top family friendly activities in Ucluelet

If you have followed my blog for a little bit now you must know I am a big fan of Vancouver Island, particularly Tofino. I have been there for work and play several times, but on a recent trip I wanted to discover a slightly less touristy area of that part of the island – Ucluelet.

I have always loved the island vibe. Small, laid back beachfront communities where surfing is a locals favourite hobby and everyone knows everyone at the local cafes. However I didn’t know how different Ucluelet could be. Located on the Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ First Nations traditional territories, the beaches here are covered in black rock instead of sand, and just steps from your front door you are transported back in time as ancient rainforests sing to you in the wind. It is rugged beauty like nothing you have seen before and something that will have you coming back for more.

Why Ucluelet?

One thing that I absolutely loved about Ucluelet over staying in Tofino was the walkability. Sure, if you are able to find a place close to town in Tofino you can get around easily, but if you want to stay at one of the more luxury resorts on the beach, you would have to drive into town. In Ucluelet no matter where you were staying  you were just minutes from beautiful trails, the rugged yet beautiful rocky oceanfront,  and delicious dining.

Where to stay

Since we became a family of four (a human and fur baby) it can be difficult to find accommodation for all of us, but I loved that Ucluelet had a lot of kid (baby) and pet friendly places. We spent the weekend in luxury and stayed at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort.

This beautiful hotel is located right on top of the dramatic black rocks of the Pacific Ocean – you can literally see the waves crashing against the shore through every window. It is also nestled right in the middle of the Wild Pacific Trail, basically an ancient rainforest is on your doorstep. And the best part, both the beach and the trails were accessible right from the hotel property and easy to access with both dog and baby (in fact some of the trails were even stroller friendly).

As for the accommodations, they were pretty special. Again rooms either have an ocean or rainforest view and we were lucky we had a bit of both. There was also lots of space so that we could put the baby to sleep while still staying up. And lastly there were dog treats for Huey when we arrived.

Top family friendly activities in Ucluelet

Alright let’s get to the good part – what makes Ucluelet so fun for the whole family to enjoy? Well we covered a lot in our 3 days – and all of it was family friendly ( although we had to leave Huey behind for a few food experiences).

1. Go for a treat at Zoe’s Bakery

When I asked for suggestions of what to do in Ucluelet literally everyone messaged me that I needed to visit Zoe’s bakery and cafe and so I set out on a mission the first day we were there to beat the crowds (I heard it could get quite busy and I wanted to make sure I got the best treats). Zoe actually used to work at the Black Rock before opening up the bakery – and let me tell you – these treats were well worth the early start to the day.

2. Treat yourself again with a day at the spa

Ok, this one isn’t completely family friendly – but we do have a baby that loves the water -and the Black Rock is home to two hot tubs and one pool. So while I wasn’t able to indulge in a spa treatment this time (which I have heard is spectacular), I was able to enjoy the pool with my little one – and let me tell you the views from the spa area are worth it – even if it’s just for a quick dip

3. Visit the beach

While you can see the beach from literally every room in the resort, it is so much fun to go down and check it out. You won’t find the sandy beaches here (for that you have to travel a bit closer to Tofino) but it was so fun to go out and see the rocks up close and keep our eyes open for some tiny creatures that call them home.

5. Go for a hike

It is so special to be surrounded by such beautiful nature. One of the things I love about this part of the world Pacific Rim National Park. You will feel so small amongst the giant trees that call this rainforest home. We did a few different hikes and really loved both the Wild Pacific Trails just outside the hotel as well as Lighthouse Loop (we took the stroller so we didn’t break our backs and there were so many gorgeous viewpoints along the way).

4. Enjoy the culinary scene

I have always been impressed with the food on this part of the island and Ucluelet did not disappoint. Some of our favourite eats included

Heartwood Kitchen : This adorable renovated cottage made you feel right at home – even though our son decided to have a meltdown, the staff was still so kind and welcoming and the food was delicious. Casual bistro style foods.

West Coast Salty Buns:We stumbled upon this adorable Mexican food truck famous for their well, salty buns. The food was so flavourful and later I learned that they really pride themselves  on sourcing local products, no wonder it all tasted to fresh. A must do lunch spot.

Currents Restaurant:Talk about dinner with a view. This restaurant is located in the Black Rock Resort overlooking the ocean. Try and book in for around sunset to get an incredible show while eating a tasty meal.

Abbondanza: If you are a fan of pizza you need to make a stop here. I had the best fungi pizza of my life! A very small hole in the wall spot so we decided to order out, but as a self proclaimed pizza connoisseur this is a must! Even the locals say so.

5. Visit the aquarium

The Ucluelet Aquarium is a none for profit catch and release aquarium that focuses on education. All of the displays here are with marine life found right in the local waters in Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds. The staff there is also so helpful and ready to answer any questions. While Max was still very young he really did enjoy watching the fish swim and I enjoyed learning about this amazing program.

6. End the day with a local beer

The Ucluelet Brewing Company is situated right on the water so it offers a gorgeous view with some tasty local craft brews. As someone who isn’t a big beer drinker I really appreciated the staff helping me find some drinks I would enjoy – and guess what they are baby friendly too. Max had a great nap while mom and dad enjoyed a drink after a long day of exploring!

I absolutely loved the laid back and welcoming feel of Ucluelet and I can’t wait to head back to this magical place with the family again soon.


Happy traveling my friends,




Why Maui is the perfect vacation destination with a baby

It has been more than two years since I left the country and so as the world slowly started to open up again I was itching for a vacation but a lot had changed in the last few years, including our family. In December we welcomed our first baby and I was nervous to travel with a 4 month old.

I didn’t want to be the person on the plane that no one wanted to sit beside a crying baby or worse have to deal with a sick baby in a foreign country, but here is the thing, I took my first international flight to South Africa before the age of 1 and travel was something that was ingrained in my life at a young age. I wanted to be able to share the passion and love for exploring with my son and so we booked the ticket.

Why we landed on Maui

For the first flight we didn’t want to go anywhere too far. We also wanted to go somewhere that we knew if something happened we were able to communicate properly and get medical attention if needed. Hawaii checked all the boxes for us and we had always wanted to visit Maui. We loved the fact that there were direct flights from Vancouver to Maui so we wouldn’t have to deal with any layovers.

Where to stay in Maui

There are two main areas where visitors stay in Maui, the West or South side. The West side includes the towns of Lahaina and Kaanapali while on the South you will find Kihei. In doing our research we found that most of the resorts are found in the West while the South is more apartment style homes and airbnbs available. Each area offers its own advantages.

Reasons we loved the West Side

Kaanapali beach stretches the coast here and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Maui. There is also a wide selection of accommodations. Here you will find everything from top resorts and long stay condos. It also offers unique attractions. The quaint town of Lahaina is located here, and in the area you can shop until you drop as well as visit some delicious local restaurants where you will find the freshest seafood. This area is also known to have the best weather in all of Maui because the mountains block the rain clouds from making their way down to the west. It is considered the driest area.

There are of course some drawbacks as well. This is considered to be a more touristy area, hence all the resorts. Also it is not quite as centra to some of the popular activities like the Road to Hana and Haleakala.

Reasons we loved the South Side

Since most of the resorts are on the west side of the Island the beaches here are less crowded and also more affordable. The sandy beaches, like Wailea, offer some great opportunities for water sports like snorkeling, diving, and surfing.

The drawbacks to stay here are that it isn’t as touristy – a blessing and a curse I guess. Because of that there aren’t as many shops or restaurant options.

At the end of the day we figured it would be easier to stay in more of a resort style place for a first trip. We wanted a place with a pool because we knew if all else failed Max loves his swim lessons and so if the ocean wasn’t his favourite place, we could at least hang out at the pool. We ended up staying at a resort called Honua Kai, but actually found the resort on Airbnb. It was a perfect location, it offered 5 pools for us to hang out at, was right on a beautiful sandy beach, and had a restaurant on location so if Max fell asleep early we could just order in.

Best baby friendly beaches

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons to visit Maui is the gorgeous beaches, and the best part is there are a lot of baby friendly beaches around where the tide isn’t as strong and the waves aren’t as big.

Baby Beach (Pu’unoa Beach)

This beach is located in Lahaina and actually where we did a little family photo shoot. It was the perfect spot to take Max for a dip because the tide went out in the morning and the water was very shallow. We were able to walk ankle deep on soft sand and see the coral and even sea turtles in the area. There is also a reef that holds back the waves.

Baby Beach #2

There are actually two beaches known as Baby Beach, the second one is in the town of Paia. It is a little out of the way since it is located in the North part of the Island, but it is along the road to Hana if that is on your itinerary. Not quite as clear as the other Baby Beach, you won’t really find any waves here since the area is protected by a rock wall.

Napili Bay

This beach is located just south of Kapalua Bay. It is a beautiful sandy beach with calmer waters.

Wailea Beach

This beach is located in Wailea and it is gorgeous. Continuously voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Maui, it is sandy with few rocks and once again the waves don’t get too big.

Where to eat in Maui

Since we stayed in Kaanapali, most of the restaurants that we ate at were on the West side so I can’t give too much advice for the South, but here were some places we stopped at and absolutely loved

Star Noodle

Located in Lahaina this restaurant offers asian inspired dishes meant to be shared so you get to try a few different items on the menu. It has long been a favourite for locals and visitors alike but make sure you make a reservation – the restaurant fills up quickly.

Lahaina Fish Co

This is the perfect spot for a more casual lunch or dinner but the views are well worth it. Located right on the water you can watch the sunset while you munch on some classics like fish tacos – but you are in Hawaii so the fish is fresh daily!

Pacific’o on the beach

I went into this restaurant a little blind – I thought beach front great – didn’t realize it was a bit more upscale and fancy, but boy oh boy is it worth it, and despite the pricier meals, they were still happy to welcome a baby. The sunset views here are magical (try and reserve a table outdoors). The restaurant works with O’O Farm for a true farm to table experience and you sure can taste how fresh the food is.

Aunty Sandy’s

Not really a restaurant but if you plan on driving the Road to Hana you need to mark this spot for a stop. It is a little off the main road but the banana bread here is to die for. Fresh every day, we enjoyed the warm bread while watching the waves from a lookout point nearby.

Cafe O’Lei at the Mill House

Saving the best for last – literally. Our last day of the trip we were looking for a spot closer to the airport, and stumbled upon the Cafe O’Lei located on Maui Tropical Plantation. Don’t do what we did, make a reservation since we were lucky to get in (the joys of a baby forcing an early dinner time). The restaurant had delicious cocktails (made with ingredients from their farm) and everything was so fresh. This could honestly be one of the best meals I have ever had.


Top things to do in Maui

I know there is a lot of awesome activities for kids in Maui, but Max is still to young to do much (he was only 4 months at the time of this trip). So instead of focusing our trip around specific toddler/kid activities we tried to find things that we would enjoy and that were baby friendly. It was actually a great time to travel with a baby because he is still too young to move around, making it easy for us to check everything off the list that we wanted to do.

Check out a Luau

I had always wanted to experience an authentic Luau since it is such a big part of the Hawaiian culture. The celebratory luaus date back to the 1800’s where they would feast on traditional dishes. While the current luaus are definitely more for the tourists, we heard from several people that the Old Lahaina Luau was very authentic and really celebrated the Hawaiian culture. We had a chance to eat traditional foods like pork that had been cooked underground for 18 hours, while watching the incredibly talented hula dancers, and at the same time we were treated to a beautiful history lesson. I will share more on the specifics of the luau soon, but this was definitely one of our favourite experiences of the trip.

Take a helicopter ride

While I usually love to explore new places with a hike, I knew that was going to be tough with our baby and so we decided to explore the island a different way – by air. Max was free and we just had to make sure that we had good headphones for him to block out the noise. We decided to explore the waterfalls of Maui and Molokai with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Our pilot was so knowledgable and experiencing the views of tall seaside cliffs, lush green valleys, and of course the waterfalls was pretty magical. Oh and Max slept the entire time so if you need to find a way to get your baby to sleep, this is it.

Try your hand at surfing

How can you not try surfing when you are in Hawaii, I mean isn’t this where surfing was invented. We called ahead to a company called Local Pros Maui, a smaller company that did more one on one lessons. They were willing to let us switch off so that one of us could watch Max while the other surfed. It was super fun to catch some waves and they even had a pro photographer to capture the action.

Drive the Road to Hana

This is one of the most popular activities in Maui – and it has been on my bucket list forever, but we weren’t entirely sure how Max would do with the windy road. We said that if at any time he wasn’t happy we would turn around, but as it turns out windy roads are great at putting our baby to sleep. We drove down to the Seven Sacred Pools and back stopping at various gorgeous points like The Garden of Eden and Pua’a Ka’a Falls, where I actually had a chance to swim in the pools by the falls.

Go snorkeling

Maui is world famous for its snorkeling. While we wanted to check out famous spots like Honolua Bay, we decided to stick to more baby friendly beaches like Baby Beach and even Kaanapali Beach at our hotel. It didn’t matter that we didn’t travel far for snorkeling though. We still saw colourful tropical fish and plenty of sea turtles.

Visit Iao Valley 

While we knew we weren’t going to be able to get a long hike in with a baby (especially in this heat) we did want to at least get some walk in – and Iao Valley was definitely worth it. A short 0.4 mi hike takes you to a gorgeous look at view of the Needle in the Valley. Along the way there are also plenty of signage so you can learn more about this sacred place.

We had an absolute blast exploring Maui as a family, and while we will definitely be back when Max is old enough to enjoy it a bit more, this was the perfect spot for our first vacation with a baby.

Happy traveling my friends,








Your full itinerary to the Yukon

A lot of people have asked me, “how was your trip to the Yukon?” I find that question extremely hard to answer because it is almost impossible to put into words how my trip to the Yukon was. “Magical”, “breathtaking”, “supernatural”. Those were a few of the words I could use to try and describe it.

The next question is always, “what was your favourite part?” That question is equally as hard to answer. From the dancing colours of the northern lights to learning all about the First Nations culture, every day, hour, minute, and moment was spectacular.

One thing I can tell you for sure though is that the Yukon stole my heart and in my opinion it should be the number one spot on your bucket list because, as mentioned, it is truly magical. Thinking about planning a trip of your own? Well I wanted to share some of the top things to see, do, and experience to make sure the trip is one you won’t be able to put into words either.


Where to stay

Northern Lights Resort and Spa

This is a stunning family run resort just outside of Whitehorse. The resort has four alpine chalets and three aurora glass chalets and we were able to experience both of the accommodations.

The alpine chalets were adorable and a perfect spot for couples to cozy up to one another. They are basically log cabins in the wilderness with a large living room and a fireplace to relax beside while trying to spot the northern lights right outside your north facing window.  What I loved is that the chalets were built from Yukon grown timber and really create a romantic and quaint atmosphere.

The aurora glass chalets had a completely different feel to them. A more modern design with the north facing side of the room offering floor to ceiling glass. This proves the perfect setup to hopefully catch the beautiful  lights dancing across the sky. Even though we didn’t see them this night, we did fall asleep the the view of a million stars shining bright.


Mt. Logan Lodge

This is the ultimate family run lodge right on the edge of Kluane National Park in Haines Junction. In fact you can see the incredible mountains right outside your door. I love how creative this family is. On site they have a yurt, and even a bus that used to be a guest room. I also love that you wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and homemade breakfast. In fact, The family cooks all your meals for you.

The other part I loved about this lodge is how passionate the owners are about the area. David and Roxanne are both from big cities, but the moment they stepped foot in Haines Junction, they knew this was where they wanted to be. They wanted to share their love of the spot with their guests.

In the past, the park hasn’t been visited much in the winter so they decided to make it a year round destination by offering guests snowmobiling, ice fishing, and even ice climbing to name a few activities.

What to do

There is honestly so much to see, do, and explore in the Yukon and while I just scratched the surface (and will definitely have to go back sometime soon to discover more) here were a few of my must does:


A northern lights adventure

This one is pretty obvious, as I am sure many people travel to the Yukon just to catch a glimpse of this natural wonder. Believe me seeing the lights is worth the trip alone.  I joined Arctic Range Adventure for this bucket list activity. They drive you about 20 minutes outside of Whitehorse to complete darkness. The moment we arrived you could already see the hint of green colouring the night sky. We were able to stay in yurts to keep warm, but I will never forget the rush of emotions when our guide told us to get outside with our cameras. Greens, yellows, and pinks dancing across the sky. It was so beautiful it brought me to tears.

If the northern lights is on your to do list try and book a trip between October and May when the skies are dark enough to see the activity. Also make sure to give yourself time. We were there a whole week and we only saw the lights one night.

A flight over Kluane National Park

The only thing I really knew about Kluane before the trip is that it is home to Mt. Logan, the highest peak in Canada. What I didn’t know is it is actually home to 17 of Canada’s 20 highest peaks. We joined Rocking Star to take a flight above the stunning park. It is also home to beautiful glaciers, rivers, and in the summer time numerous grizzles. Seeing it from the sky with Rocking Star Adventures was breathtaking.

Dogsledding like the pros

The reason that I went to the Yukon in the first place was to experience the Yukon Quest, the world’s toughest dog mushing race from Yukon to Alaska, and so it was natural to give mushing a try for myself. Dog sledding has long been a way of life in the Yukon. I joined the team at Muktuk Adventures to test my skills. The dogs were absolutely beautiful and so sweet. We traveled along the Takhini River, the same route as the pros and took in the stunning wilderness.

A history lesson in Carcross

I had a chance to take a day trip to this small town with Who What Where Tours. Carcross has  a population of only about 300 people and is home to world’s smallest desert.  It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, and forrest.

We had a chance to visit the Carcross Learning Centre and see some of the amazing  First Nations art and even sit down for a traditional meal. After lunch the cultural learning continued.  We had a chance to meet with Keith Wolfe Smarche, the towns head cover. He showed us his carving shed and some of his amazing work in town. What I loved about meeting Keith was his story. He got into carving because he realized the town had lost all of its vibrant colours during the gold rush and wanted to bring it back for future generations. Hearing his story and seeing his vibrant art was an unforgettable experience.

A visit to Long Ago Peoples Place

One of the things that makes the Yukon so unique is the culture. There are actually 14 different First Nations  and so it was very important for me to really learn about the traditions and heritage. Long Ago People’s Place is located in Champagne and brings you back through time using recreations of traditional Southern Tutchone structures and tools. We had a chance to see how trap lines work and learn about other tools used for different First Nations activities.

Learning about traditions at Shakat Tun Wilderness Camp

Have you ever wondered just how the First Nations people live off of the land in the dead of winter when it is -40c outside? Well we had a chance to find out from James Allen, former chief of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations. He taught us how to ice fish, gave us a tour of his family’s traplines, and invited us to his beautiful camp for a traditional lunch. It was the perfect  mix of education and fun and trust me you cannot beat the views along the way.

Learn to make cocktails from the pros

One of my favourite stops of the whole trip was to Well Bread Culinary Centre. Here, we met with Chef Cat and Jennifer Tyldesley from Free Pour Jenny.  We learnt how to make some delicious appetizers and cocktails using local ingredients and home made bitters. We even got a care package to be able to make some of the amazing drinks back in the comfort of our home. The best part is, it is hard to mess up a cocktail especially with these unique bitters so it is a good time guaranteed.

Taste some of the local craft beers 

We had the chance to visit not one but two unique breweries in the Yukon. First was Yukon Brewing where the motto is “beer worth freezing for” and they aren’t joking. The seasonal craft beers truly represent Whitehorse and the history here. Each beer has its own spunky taste.

The next stop was Winterlong Brewery. This brewery only opened about 5 years ago.Marko and Meghan Marjanovic had been homebrewing for 10 years, and finally decided to take the risk and start a brewery. The beers are bold in flavour and really stand out in the crowd of craft beers.

Where to eat

Wayfarer Oyster House

I loved this spot from the moment we walked in the door. The deco was so unique including an oyster chandelier, where if you guess how many oyster make up the piece you win a free shot. They also had some vinyl spinning.  Aside from decorations, the food was amazing. The menu was filled local seafood and sourced meats as well as homemade pasta and smoked fish. It was hard to chose just one plate.

Giorgio’s Cuccina

This is the perfect date night spot. Dim lit with an extensive wine list and authentic Italian food. Start with the baked goat cheese and then fill up on one of their amazing pizzas or pasta plates.

Big Bear Donair

Looking for something quick and delicious? This is the new go to spot and for good reason. The food is creative and tasty. The restaurant prides itself on collecting as much as possible from local business and retailers. And where else can you try a shawarma poutine?

Baked Cafe

I need coffee first thing in the morning to start my day and this was the absolute perfect little coffee shop. I loved how light and cozy this spot is and on all of the walls are little treasures from local jewellery and artists. The coffee and food is also amazing.

As I mentioned I just had a chance to scratch the surface of the beautiful Yukon. There is so much more to do and see in this amazing place and I cannot wait to return to the north and explore even more. I hope you will be able to experience the magic of the Yukon for yourself, because I wasn’t joking when I said I honestly cannot even put into words the beauty of this place.

Happy traveling my friends,




























20 Photos that will make you want to visit the Yukon

The main reason I wanted to visit the Yukon was for a chance to see the Northern Lights. I have always dreamed of seeing this natural wonder. I truly cried when I saw the lights dancing in front of me. The pictures don’t do it justice but it was beyond magical.

My first glimpse of Kluane National Park came at my dad’s house. He is a professional photographer and has the most magnificent photo above his fireplace. Every time I see it I say I want to go there. Well I went there on an small 4 seater airplane. Seeing Mt. Logan and eight other tallest mountains in Canada from the sky was incredible.


What you might not know is the Yukon is home to 14 different First Nations groups. I was lucky enough to visit two of them. When I went to visit the Champagne and Aishihik First Nation I had the chance to meet with one of their former chiefs, James Allen, who taught us all about living off of the land in the dead of winter. We did everything from ice fishing to setting trap lines.

One of my favourite parts of the Yukon was heading up to the small town of Carcoss and learning about the First Nations culture. We had the chance to try an authentic meal and learn from Keith Wolfe Smarch, the towns carver. His designs were beautiful and really added colour and beauty to the town.


The main reason that I was in the Yukon was for the Yukon Quest. It is a dog mushing race from Whitehorse to Fairbanks, Alaska. It is considered to be the toughest race of its kind. Mushing is a big part of the history in the Yukon and I had the chase to give it a try and meet some amazing dogs.

Sure, Whitehorse was freezing. In fact, one day it got to around -4o, but there was something beautiful about experiencing this magical place in the winter, even when everything freezes in minutes.

The Yukon was one of the most magical places I have ever been. I had a chance to cross off so many bucket list experiences. From seeing the Northern Lights to flying over Kluane to witnessing the Yukon Quest and to making life long friends.

I cannot wait to return to the Yukon because it truly stole my heart, and I promise it will steal yours too.

Happy traveling my friends,