My top shops for maternity wear

Since I have officially reached 38 weeks, it is hard for me to put on anything besides my husband’s clothes right now, but working on T.V. and also trying to feel my best throughout pregnancy, I have tried to find some maternity outfits that are comfortable, but also make me feel confident in my changing belly.

Before I got pregnant, I always thought I would just buy larger clothes to wear during this time since I had never seen any fashionable maternity wear, but thanks to a little help from my friends who have also gone through pregnancy, I was able to find some brands I love that were both affordable and stylish and I wanted to pass along my favourite spots for any mamas-to-be!


1. Carry Maternity


I absolutely love Carry Maternity. Not only are they a small Canadian businesses, run by a mom and daughter duo, but they also really care about each of their customers. A few other hosts and reporters at the Weather Network had bought clothes from this spot, and when I reached out Pat, the owner, was quick to set up a call with me so we could go over what I am comfortable in, what I am looking for, and what would fit my body best. I loved that they have everything from dresses to jeans to fashionable yet cozy sweaters that also work double time as postpartum nursing. I also love that they have their own clothing line so you can really shop local and you can find the right pieces to fit your budget. You can check out their website here.

2. Seraphine Maternity

Carry actually has this clothing line at their shop, but sometimes they were out of my size and so I turned directly to Seraphine for some outfits. Again I love that you can find great dresses for on camera (or your baby shower) as well as more casual clothing for everyday wear and even postpartum. They also have clothes that are quite affordable and some great sales. You can check out their website here. 

3. H&M

Being a videographer I have always loved H&M for work. They have clothes that are dressier but comfortable which is really important when I am running around in the field in active weather. I fell more in love with H&M when they launched their sustainability line. And finally I fell in love with it more when I saw their maternity line. They had everything from my favourite pair of mat jeans to jeggings. They also had some more causal dresses and blouses that worked both for on air and just for a girls night. I also love that you can now return directly to the store so I ordered a ton thinking I would return some of the items, but I fell in love with them all! You can check out their maternity clothes here. 

4. Pinkblush

Looking for affordable but stylish? Pinkblush is a great spot for just that. Again a huge variety where you can find everything from maternity shoot dresses to casual jeans but I really loved their shirts and blouses. There were some really cute casual ones but others that really fit for work. I also love that they will title some of their clothes as post bump friendly so that you know you can continue to wear the pieces long after the baby arrives.  The only issue for me is that it ships from the U.S. and so when I did order I had to pay duties, so only got one order from them. You can visit their website here. 

I know that this is a strange yet magical time watching and feeling your body change, but I did find that getting out of sweats and putting on some well fitted maternity clothes really helped me feel beautiful throughout my pregnancy and I hope it helps you too!



Product Love: MotoChic


As a reporter and host I live in a world full of deadlines, travel, interviews, and on camera reporting. I am always on the go and trying to fit a million and one things into each day. I know in this day and age I am not the only one with a non-stop schedule. We live in a day and age where our lives consist of full time careers, side hustles, passion projects, families, friends, relationships, and if you’re lucky some down time. You need to be able to master the art of multitasking and balancing to have it all, am  I right ladies?

For me a typical work day will consist of catching a flight to a game, jumping off the plane, running to an interview, appearing on camera, editing the feature, a meal if I am lucky, and finally bed. I am always in search of clothes that are comfortable enough to let me take a nap on the plane, but are also stylish enough to go on air.

When I am focusing on my passion project aka my blog, I am usually out on an adventure taking pictures in the great outdoors. I need clothes and accessories  that are comfortable for a long hike, but will also look great in a picture.

Recently I partnered with MotoChic. Their clothing combines innovative design with high performance materials. They have managed to create stylish clothes and accessories and apparel that are perfect for the adventure loving, always on the go, modern day woman.

I love the original idea of MotoChic. The brand was originally inspired by the lack of options for women who ride motorcycles, but the brand has quickly turned into the perfect go to for stylish women on the move.



One of my absolute favourite products from MotoChic has to be the Lauren Bag. This bag quickly switches from a backpack to a tote bag. It makes it super easy to carry all my essentials while hiking or traveling for work, but then transforms to a stylish tote for pictures or meetings. It fits my laptop and has lots of storage space without looking bulky. I also love that it has reflective panels on the back so people can see me at night.

As an avid hiker I also love their Ladies Cooling Base Layer Top. Not only does it create a flattering shape, but it is also helps cool your body when hiking or biking. Added bonus, they worked with a physiotherapist to use true compression fabrics that helps reduce muscle soreness.

Motochic offers everything from t-shirts to keychains. They offer products that are both practical and stylish that are great for our busy lifestyles.

Now for the best part. You can get 10 % off your Motochic purchase by using the promo code “MIAWGORDON”. Just visit their site; and get shopping, but you better hurry this code is only valid until April 21st.





Product Love: Jewel On Fire


Working on T.V. has its challenges. I have to write scripts, remember my lines, come up with creative interview questions, engage the audience, and try and look my best in the process. Just the other day I was watching back one of my reports when I realized something was missing, I looked well, blah. I had no colour or pop to my outfit. It was in that moment that I was on a mission to find some jewelry that would stand out, but not overshadow. That would compliment my outfit, but not break the bank. High expectations right? Well not actually because I stumbled upon Jewel On Fire.

About Jewel On Fire 

I was really impressed when I started to do my research on the company. After working as jewelry manufacturers for over 50 years, they realized how much stores would mark up the cost of diamonds and gems. UP TO 500% (no wonder diamonds are so unaffordable). Their concept is that regular people like you and me should be able to afford high quality jewelry and so they cut out the middle man. You are able to buy directly from the craftsmen and manufacturers at 90% off retail pricing. Sounds pretty good right? Well it gets better because you can do it from your couch. In fact I am looking at the next piece I want to buy right now.

Just take a look at some of the amazing pieces available on the site. All low cost but real diamonds and gems;


Not sold just yet? Well how about this, you can get 25% off your Jewel on Fire promo code using the code: MIAWGORDON. Just click the link and get going;

Whether you are looking for jewelry from a night on the town, your wedding, a gift, or just something to dress up your every day look you can find it here at an affordable price.

Happy Shopping friends,









Product Love: Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.01.32 AM.png

How Jord’s Wooden Watches made me look at time differently

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There is never enough time.

I find myself using that sentence often throughout the day. As a freelance reporter, host, producer, and content creator my days can get hectic to say the least. On a given day, I could have shifts at amazing places like CBC Olympics in the morning and Sportsnet at night. With a schedule that never stops, it is so important for me to keep track of time. That is why for as long as I can remember I have always worn a watch.

But it can’t be just any watch. As I mentioned, I am an on air host and reporter working for companies like Sportsnet and the National Lacrosse League so I need to make sure that the watch I am wearing is stylish, unique, and that it looks great on camera.

It was by fluke that I came across Jord Watches, but I fell in love with this brand as soon as I read a quote on their website;

“Telling More Than Time.

The Value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”


It was in that moment that I realized instead of worrying about not having enough time, I need to instead enjoy every project, every job, every story I report, every minute of life.

What I loved about Jord’s Wood Watches is that they are truly unique, timeless, sophisticated, and modern. Everything I need in a watch for reporting and for making sure I am on time for meetings and interviews.

The wooden watch that I chose is the Frankie Series in Zebrawood and Champagne. What originally drue me to the watch was the champagne colours and the elegant feel. This was a watch that would match with every outfit, but would also stand out enough so that people would notice it and that it would show up on camera. It is the perfect mix of classic and funky.


I wasn’t sure if wooden watches would be heavy, but I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight and comfortable it is on my wrist. It is the perfect accessory for work, for a date, or for a night out with friends.

To shop all the Jord unique men’s and women’s wooden watches click here

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Giveaway closes on November 12th so what are you waiting for?!? Good luck everyone!