Pain relieving tips you may not have thought of

Pain relief is a complex thing. What works for one person is not necessarily guaranteed to work for another, and that means trial and error is the only real approach to find out what works for you. When I was dealing with pain during my pregnancy I was getting tips and tricks from everyone – but I felt that a lot of them didn’t work specifically for me – so I wanted to share a few pain reliving tips that did work for me that you might not of thought of yet. 


I started to get into swimming during my pregnancy since it was one of the exercises that didn’t hurt and actually  helped with your pain.When you’re in the water, it takes your weight and leaves you weightless, meaning that there is less pressure on your body. As well as this, when you swim around properly, you are using all of your muscles and keeping them warm, not allowing them the chance to seize up. Keeping your muscles warm and well used is important to feeling good physically, and swimming is the easiest way to do this without risking any kind of strain. I loved it so much I have actually signed up for a triathlon 



Another form of pain relief that I really got into during my pregnancy. Firstly for nausea but then for other aches and pains. This is the process of sticking tiny needles into your skin to relieve any stresses and pains you have going on. It has been around for thousands of years and has been proven to work for many different customers. If you are wanting to find out more about acupuncture and how it can help you then take a look at

Herbal Remedies

Something else that might be able to relieve you of your aches and pains is herbal remedies. If you are opposed to using painkillers from over-the-counter or your doctor then you can take more natural substances. They work the same way but are much better for your body. It isn’t just pain that herbal remedies can help with. They can also help you to sleep much better at night, you might be struggling to settle down each night. Reach for some camomile tea to help ease your mind and help you sleep soundly. 


Sort Yourself Mentally

Lastly I think it is important to realize taking care of your physical health also means taking care of your mental health. A lot of people don’t realize there is a strong link  between the two b, and if you think that nothing is going to work, then it’s likely that you’re going to be right. It might be the case that you need to consider counselling in order to sort your mental health, and get you back on the right track.

Hopefully this will help you on your journey to find pain relief, 


Myodetox is my kind of detox


I started playing tennis at a competitive level at the age of 8, it was at that same time I started to wear and tear at my body. The constant back and forth motions on the court really took a toll on my knees and ankles. The constant serving really took a toll on my shoulders. The constant training really took a toll on my back. Now at 28 I find my muscles stiff and sore more regularly.

Another issue for me was that the lifestyle that I lead, I am constantly on the go. In fact, I think I have completely erased the word relax from my vocabulary all together. I am carrying heavy camera equipment for work. I am constantly driving to stories, I am attending events, I am always on the go. I don’t have time to give my body a much needed break.

I would see a massage therapist but no deep tissue was deep enough and no sports massage actually targeted my sore muscles. I thought finally feeling great was a lot cause. That is until I was introduced to Myodetox.

So what is Myodetox? It is a unique manual therapy system that is designed for proactive and reactive care of the body. It is basically a really, really intense massage that targets problem areas not just to relieve pain, but to cure your bodies structure that could be causing the pain in the first place.screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-4-49-20-pm

Step 1: The Body Scan 

On my first visit the team started with a Body Scan. Through this scan, they can find the root of the issue. Mine happened to be my unbalanced hip and really tight glute muscles. The uneven hips were hurting my posture.

Step 2: The Massage

I am not going to lie, it hurt, it hurt like hell. But I could actually feel the muscles loosened in ways I have never felt from regular massage. The manual therapy they use is a hands on treatment that incorporates different techniques and mobilizations.

During the massage they focused on alignment, articulation of how my joints move and how I control them, and then comes the action part. A game plan to maintain the changes that they make.

Step 3: The Plan 

I was given a series of stretches and moves on the foam roll to do at home on my own time to ensure the work we were putting in at the clinic would stick.

What I love about Myodetox is it isn’t just a show up get a massage and leave, only to feel sore the very next day, and need another massage the following week. It is a show up, assess, evaluate, work, and plan appointment to make sure your body is actually getting better.

You are actually teaching your body how it should sit, how it should move, how it should be in order to avoid future pain.

Now I cannot get enough of it. I see my therapist Ethan twice a month, where he fixes any new problems I have from my workouts or my work or just my life, and he reassess the areas that we have already worked on to make sure they are still improving in a positive direction.


Since starting with Myodetox, I am able to lift heavier weights, run for longer, sleep better at night, I am more balanced, and my posture is better. It has actually been a life saver.

For anyone who leads a busy life, who is constantly in pain, who feels like a regular massage just isn’t enough anymore, I highly recommend Myodetox. Maybe it will just change your life to.