My favourite local finds this holiday season

The halls are decked, the tree is lit, but you still have a few names to cross off the nice list. Time is running out quickly… Santa’s sleigh is almost on its way. So I wanted to share with you some amazing local B.C. finds this season. The best part about it, you are supporting a small local business but it is one of your last hopes for the gifts to arrive on time.

Firstly I want to share where I found a lot of these local goodies. Since moving to Squamish, I have loved going to the Refresh Market.  This year the market went virtual. Showcasing local artists and makers, and taking you inside their shops. I was able to rediscover some of the favourites I have found over the years, but also discover some amazing new stores.

Fair Jewelry 

While browsing the Refresh Market, I came across Fair Jewelry,  I found some gorgeous gold hoop earrings that I knew my mom would love, and they were so beautiful I ended up also buying a pair for myself. As I learned more about the company, I was even more excited to support the shop. They donate proceeds to the David Suzuki Foundation, they also use  at least one component of recycled/up-cycled material in each of the pieces

Muddy Marvels Pottery 

I had always wanted to take a pottery class, and I found the local shop Muddy Marvels Pottery. I loved learning Meghan. She is so talented and also so fun to work with. She also makes the most gorgeous ceramic pieces, and you can even order custom for the special someone on your list.

The Local Space 

I was trying to find some gift baskets for my nieces and through google searches came across The Local Space. They sell some incredible BC brands and you can even buy a custom made gift basket with the best local treats. I am hoping someone might get me some goodies from here as a holiday surprise.

Treeline Collective

I have never seen more beautiful blankets. Not only do I love the designs but they are also so cozy and warm. The founder of the company says their pieces are inspired by the outdoors, and it really comes across in the colours and prints, and because they are inspired by the outdoors, they also aim to protect the outdoors. They use natural and organic materials. They also give back to organizations that aim to protect the planet like ocean cleanups.

Leze the Label 

I recently discovered this brand and I am obsessed with their clothes. Not only are they so comfortable and light, but they are also made completely from recycled material. I love that you can go on the website and learn more about what materials are used for each piece and how they help reduce waste. Also it is run by a badass Vancouver boss babe, so it is amazing to support local female entrepreneur doing good for the planet as well.

Wyn & Wood 

I mean, this is the perfect place to shamelessly showcase our little Etsy shop. During the pandemic my husband and I started making bath trays to make the bathroom a cozy relaxing place as we spend the holidays at home this year. It is like a spa day without leaving your house.



Well those are some of my favourite local shops. The perfect place to find that last minute local and beautiful gift for anyone one your list.

Happy shopping my friends and a happy holiday season.



Sharing some local love

Let me start of by stating the obvious, we are living in a very unprecedented time. I don’t think anyone truly knows how to navigate through this as what was normal life is completely thrown out the window. Most of my google searches are now about Coronavirus, something I hadn’t even heard of a month ago, and to say this virus has been a tragedy would be an understatement, Lost lives, lost jobs, lost opportunities. But while it has definitely been a negative situation, I am trying to bring some light to some positive things we can do to help, while staying home (which is the best thing we can do to help out period.)

I know that right now many of us are feeling hopeless, but there are lots that we can do to help our communities. Give blood and donate to food banks are two big ones right now, but as I mentioned you can also help out without leaving the comforts of your couch. Local businesses are probably hurting the most right now, and could definitely use some local love.

When I moved to Squamish B.C., I was amazed to see how many small businesses were the backbone of this community ( over 100 just in the downtown core), and so when doors had to shut, and businesses close I was heartbroken, but then I started speaking to some owners and doing some research and there are still ways to help them out.

Now trust me, I understand that everyone is going through a tough time right now, and maybe helping a small business financially isn’t in the cards right now, but guess what? Some of these ideas don’t even cost a dime!

Find out what services are now online 

Many local businesses are switching their services to an online outlet. My favourite gym, Breathe, has been offering cheap monthly memberships and IG videos that you can watch whenever you feel like it to stay fit at home. My dog trainer, Sea to Sky K9  is offering online training classes, and my favourite shop Wild and Heart has moved their shop online. Most businesses are learning how to adapt with this new normal and making sure we don’t have to skip a beat. The best thing is because this is so new, you can get a really great deal and still be able to work on your six pack.

Grocery shop local

Sure, we aren’t really supposed to be making multiple shops at speciality stores right now just so we can pick up local goods. Until recently the easiest way to get food for my husband and myself was at the grocery store, but then we discovered Spud. Not only does it allow you to shop online, but it also works closely with local grocers to sell their goods. Sure it might be a bit pricier, but at least you know you are supporting a local farm.

Spend now shop later


A lot of small communities have been offering gift card opportunities where you can support local businesses up front now and shop once the re-open. Actually here in Squamish you can buy gift cards for restaurants that are offering take out and go and pick up a dinner for the week. It is a great option to make sure they still have an income through all of this

Leave a comment or review

My dog trainer had a great idea, for every day we are stuck in quarantine why not leave a comment or a review for a local business that you are a fan of. This way you are supporting the businesses without having any financial costs associated with it. When everything opens up again, people will be able to see the great review you left and it will hopefully bring them more future business.

Have a local date night

With many of us having to navigate working from home with our spouse, things might be a little tense around the house and so it is very important to still make time for the two of you. Why not set aside some time for a weekly date night where you separate the office life and home life. A lot of local restaurants are still offering take out options. Order ahead, pour a glass of wine, and take a night off from cooking (something that I have been doing a lot more lately and must say I could use a break from ha).

I know that these are weird and very scary times for everyone but just remember the entire world is in this together, and together we will get through this with a little help.