Why Sooke is Vancouver Island’s Hidden Gem

I have visited Vancouver Island on several occasions, but most of my trips have taken me to shorelines of Victoria or Tofino. I had never hard of a town called Sooke, that is until my boyfriend planned a surprise getaway for the two of us. Not knowing much about the town, I didn’t really know what to expect on the trip.

About Sooke 

Photo credit; Connor McCardle

If I did have any expectations, they would of been blown right out of the water. Sooke turned out to be the most quaint, beautiful, and relax place I had ever visited. Known as the place where the rainforest meets the sea it offers so many hidden gems just waiting to be explored. From beautiful hiking trails like the Juan De Fuca trail and ocean front homes it is where you go for ultimate tranquility, and with few hotels it is a lot less busy then some of the other spots on the island.

Where to stay

photo credit; Connor McCardle

As mentioned, there are very few hotels and motels in the area so we turned to airbnb to find the perfect spot to stay for our trip. I highly recommend this because you never know what adorable spot you will find. We stayed in a cute cottage right on the ocean. We ate all of our meals right above the water, searched for whales right from the window, gazed up at the milky way, and fell asleep listening to the waves crashing against the rocks below. It was truly a little slice of heaven.

What to do

Day 1: Potholes, Markets and Stars 

Day one of our trip took us to the Sooke Potholes, a very easy hike that takes you alongside the Sooke River. Gaze at the rivers unique rock formation that was formed from the last ice age millions of years ago. The park has several trails and all of them are beautiful. We followed the river to  a secluded rock pool and beach. We daringly jumped in to the freezing water and hung out on the beach.

On the way home form the potholes, we saw signs pointing to the Country Market. The market located at Otter Point Road runs every Saturday from May to October and it is absolutely adorable. Explore the local artists and taste some delicious fresh local fruits. Pick up a homemade piece of jewellery as a souvenir.

Living in the city, I sometimes forget that stars even exist in the sky. Away from the lights and pollution, the Sooke sky offered a perfect canvas to star gaze. We stayed up well past my bed time and gazed at the Milky Way. We even caught a glimpse of Mars.

Day 2: Rainforest hikes and river floats 

The second day of our trip took us on a little drive to explore some of the beautiful rainforests hikes in the area. We made our way through the trees of the Juan De Fuca trail down to Mystic Beach. On the beach you will find beautiful rock formations, forests on either corner, and a small water fall in the centre of it all. It truly fit its name, mystic to say the least.

A little bonus, about an hour and a half from Sooke on the way to catch the ferry in Nanaimo we discovered floating on Lake Cowichan. Hundreds of people cooling off in the water on their floaties. While we didn’t have our donuts on us, we did jump in. Definitely plan to come back to get the full experience.

Just a few weeks ago I had no idea Sooke existed, now it has become one of my favourite spots in B.C. It is calming and beautiful and truly a small hidden gem on a giant island.






How to plan the perfect road trip

I have a love hate relationship with road trips. I love them because you get to see so much during a drive. You can stop when you want to and explore. See something that sparks your interest? Pull over and check it out. You are on your own time. I hate them, because sometimes I get a little car sick. In all honesty though, some of my most memorable experiences have been road trips.

Through the many road trips I have taken, I have created memories that will last a lifetime. I have seen world wonders like the Grand Canyon. I have taken in the views of the California oceanfront. I have dipped my toes in the turquoise waters of Lake Louise. The experiences have been truly special. 

I have had the chance to plan two very different kinds of road trips. Some had a very strict timeline. Hotels were booked in advance and the itinerary set in (almost) stone.  Others were a go with the flow kind of trip. I would see a town I liked and I would stop there for the night at the first 3 star hotel I could find on the map. It was carefree and adventurous. Deciding which type of road trip to do is completely up to you and your travel preferences. Today I just want to share with you some of my favourite road trips and how to make sure your road trip experience is enjoyable.

Favourite Road Trips

Toronto to Vancouver 

This road trip was particularly enjoyable for me because I got to explore the place I call home. I have lived in Canada for most of my life, but there are so many places in my own backyard I have yet to discover. This road trip gave me a chance to see more of the country. I got to see the lakes and parks of Northern Ontario. The flat farming lands of the Prairies. The unbelievable beautiful mountains of the Rockies. It truly was an incredible experience and one that I think every Canadian should try.

Nevada & Arizona 

I have written a lot about this road trip because it was spectacular. If you are at all interested in photography, this is the dream road trip. It included stops at the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Upper Antelope Canyon. Each stop unique and breathtaking. The great thing about this trip is every destination is  just a few hours apart so you can enjoy the views for longer. A little tip, make sure to have your camera nearby because there is so much beauty along the way.


Pacific Coast Highway 

This is the road trip of all road trips. Twisting your way along the coast of California you transition from hundred year old green forests to palm trees along the beach. I did a bit of a condensed version, a weekend from San Fransisco to San Diego. The views along this drive are magnificent.  Ocean on your right, rocky cliff on your left. Not for the faint of heart. Make sure to take the time to stop at secluded beaches along the way to stretch your legs. My personal favourite stop had to be Big Sur. 

North of Spain to South of France

This was the road trip that I left up to my GPS and chance and it was amazing. I started the drive in Barcelona and finished in Cannes. I didn’t have a single hotel booked along the way. I would stop in towns that looked appealing and beautiful, ones that had oceanfront views or interesting architecture. Once I decided where I wanted to stay overnight, I would search nearby hotels in my GPS. The trip included 5 star luxury stays, beach front motels, and even a hotel that doubled as an art gallery dedicated to Gaudi. It was the adventure of a life time.

Planning the Perfect Road Trip 

Again what type of road trip to take is completely up to you. Are you the kind of person that likes to have a plan in place or one that likes to go with the flow? Here are my top road trip tips to make sure that no matter what you chose, it is going to be an unforgettable vacation.


  1. Be safe: Driving in an unfamiliar country or on unfamiliar roads can be a little scary so make sure you have the right equipment to have a safe trip. Pay extra for road side assistance from the rental company. Make sure you have a map and compass in your car in case you enter a zone that has no cell reception. Have a blanket in the car in case it breaks done. Have proper tools in case of a flat. There is nothing worse then something going wrong in a foreign place and being unprepared to handle it.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the area you are traveling: I speak French fluently, so I felt comfortable driving around in France, however ahead of the trip I made sure to familiarize myself with the route I was taking. I tried to understand how far each city was from one another so even without a planned stop, I still knew I wasn’t going to be stranded in a small town after too many hours on the road. Make sure you feel confident that you know where you are heading.
  3. Try to avoid driving at night: When I drove the Pacific Coast I made a grave mistake. I started the drive too late in the day and had already booked my hotel for the following night. By doing so, I ended up driving one of the scariest roads in the pitch black. Not only did I miss out on the stunning views, but I also didn’t really feel safe. Try and time out the trip properly so you avoid driving in the dark. Plus how can you take insta worthy pictures of the views when you can’t even see them?
  4. Go hands free: Another huge safety aspect is making sure you are able to drive hands free. Driving in an unfamiliar place you are probably going to need a GPS. Ask the car company if they have ones for rent because they usually come with a proper mount. If you would rather use your phone or own device, make sure you have something to mount it in the car. I personally love the QLYX. It is small enough to travel with, super easy to use, and comes with some awesome features.
  5. Pack Snacks: You don’t really know when you might be able to eat from meal to meal so it is important to have snacks readily available. Have a cool bag to keep water, drinks, and snacks available for the long haul.
  6. Have gas: Gas is a good thing for a long road trip. The last thing you want to do is run out so make sure you are prepared or at least know where you can fuel up along the way.
  7. Factor in your must sees: Sure, it might just take a few hours to get from A to B, but don’t forget to factor in the places you want to stop along the way. If you are doing the road trip with someone else, make sure you are both clear on the stops you want to make along the way so that no one misses out and you can still leave yourself enough time to get from one spot to the next. Another important part of this is to make sure you plan your stops properly. During my cross Canada drive, I really wanted to see Moraine Lake in Banff. I didn’t take into consideration it was a long weekend and the park was packed. I didn’t get to see the lake because we didn’t arrive early enough and I was pretty disappointed. Lesson learned for next time.
  8. Music is everything: Alright, now that we have the safety tips out of the way it is time for the fun. Spending long hours on the road is so much more enjoyable when you have some great music to rock out to. I usually make a road trip playlist on Spotify before I start my journey. That way I know I won’t have to listen to commercials on the radio or deal with static from one city to the next. I can just jam and enjoy. Can’t agree on what music to listen too? Only fair that everyone gets a turn to play DJ in the car.
  9.  Plan some fun: Check out the site roadtrippers. It has a ton of quirky road sights to different accommodations from around the globe which can help make the trip a little more interesting.
  10. Be a local: The amazing thing about a road trip is you are driving alongside the locals, so why not really embrace the culture you are experiencing by staying away from chain restaurants and hotels.

Well now that I have shared with you some of my favourite road trips as well as how to make the trip safe and enjoyable, it is time for you to hit the open roads. Are you planning a road trip, or have done an awesome trip that isn’t on my list? I would love for you to share with me in the comments below.

Happy traveling my friends. I know I cannot wait to go M.I.A. again.



Mia Goes M.I.A. Grand Canyon Road Trip


I have always loved taking pictures, capturing a moment in time forever. Snapping the beauty of a place or an object. While I went to school for videography, I was never a professional photographer, so it was an honour when I had a chance to travel across Nevada, Arizona, and parts of Utah with my dad, who happens to be a true professional photographer.

A bit of background as to who my dad is, Steve Gordon. He is a director, cinematographer, and photographer whose work has appeared in the National Geographic and the Victoria Art Gallery. He has won international awards, and sells is snaps for thousands of dollars. He is a true pro, and to listen and learn from him was a dream come true. In this blog I will be sharing our photographic drive, as well as pictures from my dad, myself, and my partner.

Day 1

We started our road trip in Las Vegas. A quick pit stop before the adventure begun, but of course there is so much to see and do in Vegas. A walk down the strip we filmed the Bellagio fountain show, and captured some of the bright city lights.

Day 2 



The very next morning we packed the car and made way for the Arizona boarder. Along the drive, we decided to take a little detour to the Hoover Dam. While my dad usually photographs landscapes, we were both impressed by the Dam and how it spews out water so powerfully. It is amazing to see what people are capable of creating with their own two hands. It took five years to build, thousands of workers, and hundreds of casualties to complete the Dam.The Dam generates power for public and private utilities in Nevada, Arizona, and California.

The drive then took us to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There are very few times in my life where I have been truly speechless, but walking up to the edge of the Grand Canyon was one of those moments. We arrived close to the end of the day as the sun was setting behind the rock. There was a rainbow in the distance and dark clouds above that was casting different light over the endless rock. The Canyon seemed to go on forever and ever switching from deep reds to browns. The sight is something you have to truly see to believe. I don’t think any picture in the world can do true justice, but we did your best.

We spent the night in Williams and I cannot recommend this town enough. A lot of people might miss it by choosing to stay in Flagstaff instead, but I feel like this town has a lot more character and history behind it. This charming little town right on Route 66  has an old West feel, a lot of wild west inspired restaurants,  a zipline through downtown, and even a “gun” fight every night.

We were exhausted from the days adventures, but stopped by the Historic Brewing Company for a bite to eat and for a drink. I loved this spot because it was right in the heart of the adorable city, and also had their own locally brewed beers and wine available. I tried a flight of the wines and then called it night.

Day 3 


Day three of our trip started with a drive towards Page, Arizona. Along the way we stopped at Sunset Crater. This is the youngest in a string of volcanoes in the San Fransisco Volcanic field. Appropriately named due to the volcano’s rim that is a dusky red like a sunset. It was a pretty interesting spot particularly hiking the Lava Trail. It is a one mile trail through hardened lava. It is amazing to see the vegetation that has been able to grow in the area.

the drive then took us Wupatki National Monument. This monument is among the largest Pueblos non the Colorado Plateau. It was called home by around 100 people. Less than 800 years ago this was the tallest, largest, and richest pueblo. Home of famers and artists, it was quite the community.

Our last stop of the day was what we had been looking forward to the most, Horseshoe Bend. There is a bit of a hike to the Bend so make sure to wear running shoes. Again we made our way up close to the end of the day with the sun hiding behind this incredible rock formation. Horseshoe Bend overlooks the Colorado River. The rock walls of the bend contain a variety of minerals which is why it has such unique and rich colours. This is a photographers dream.

Day 4 

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.28.19 PM20247774_10155640744097139_6911591374698083930_o20264752_10213509512508151_948992450725934147_n20374298_10213509511868135_651751855167974643_n20229124_10213491573499687_2022830054977672652_n20506970_10155676853587139_6650209255673865493_o

Our fourth and final day of the road trip I started the morning cooling off from the heat since we did this drive in the middle of August. I decided to explore Lake Powell with Lake Powell Paddle Board. It was an amazing workout and beautiful views of Antelope Canyon from the outside.

The day ended with the icing in the cake, the reason we had booked this trip in the first place, a photography tour of Antelope Canyon. We decided to visit Upper Antelope Canyon around noon to make sure the light was just right. The light beams in Antelope Canyon are what makes this spot so special. They only occur at a certain time of the day and don’t last long so to catch one is incredible. Our guide really made sure we were at the perfect spot at the perfect time to snap the perfect pictures.

We then made the drive back to Vegas going in and out of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada and through beautiful rocks along the way. I was in awe at all the beauty this side of the world had to offer, and to be able to learn from a world famous photographer who also happens to be my dad was an unforgettable experience. I hope that this blog is an inspiration to get out and explore and to find the beauty in this world.

Travel Tips 

If you are planning to do this drive here are a few travel and photography tips that I learned along the way.

  • Book in the summer: I know that it is unbearably hot in Arizona in the summer, but for photography reasons this is the best time to visit the Antelope Canyon. Because of the sun and where it is positioned, you are more likely to experience the beams in the summer months.
  • Go early or late: Besides the Canyon I would suggest either getting an early or a late start to the day to try and avoid the crowds and to get the perfect light for pictures. It is always best at dusk or dawn.
  • Wear close toe shoes: I wore sandals to Horseshoe Bend and was miserable, plus the rocks can be a little slippery so if you want to get the perfect shot make sure you have the right footwear.
  • Don’t plan too much for one day: Since we split up the main attractions, we had a chance to discover hidden gems like the crater that weren’t even on our to do list.
  • Look for unique shots: These spots are extremely touristy and so a lot of pictures are taken here annually so try and find a unique shot. My dad’s favourite picture of the entire trip was actually of a tattooed man standing in front of the Grand Canyon. You can check that shot out and more from the trip on his instragram @Steviewonderful110.

Happy snapping my friends,



Mia Goes M.I.A. Yacht Week


Take a second and close your eyes. Picture you and six of your closest friends sailing on the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean . Now picture you eating the freshest seafood, dancing with white sand in between your toes, and creating memories that will last a life time. Sounds pretty epic dream right?

Well what if I told you this epic dream became a reality for me this past summer as six friends and myself embarked on a journey of a lifetime;  The Yacht Week. We signed up with the company after a couple of glasses of wine one cold winter night and there was no looking back. Six months later we were on a flight for the journey of a lifetime.

Over the next seven days we would visit islands I had never heard of before, but came to love; Alimos Poros, Port Heli, Ermioni, Dokos, and a true hidden gem Hydra. Each one unique, each one beautiful, each one unforgettable.

Since returning from my trip, a lot of people have asked me about the experience. Was it worth the money? What was it like? Would I do it again? The list goes on, hence why I decided to share some of the experience  with you here. I wanted to highlight some of the amazing moments, some lessons I learned, and also how to prepare for the trip.





Let me start off by saying The Yacht Week is definitely worth the money because of the following highlights of the trip I wanted to share with you.

  • Discovering Hidden Gems: When I first looked at the Yacht Week route, I was a little concerned because I had never heard of any of the islands. However, during the trip I discovered some of the most amazing places that I would never have dreamt of visiting on my own.

The highlight of the trip for me was actually our last stop, Hydra. The town is built on the slopes of a hill around the port which was stunningly beautiful as we approached the island. The amazing thing about Hydra is that there are no cars or motor vehicles. The best way to get around town is either by foot or donkey, and we definitely did both. The donkeys took us up some of the slopes for some breathtaking views of the sea below. at night we enjoyed a sea side feast as we watched the sun set. Only one word to describe Hydra; Magical.


  • ATV Rides in Paros: There was a lot to see and do in Paros. Paros is a traditional village meaning a lot of the buildings have to be constructed the same way and so there were pretty blue domed homes throughout the island. It is also famous for it’s golden beaches which we danced the day away at the Retro Party. The highlight on this island though was definitely the ATV rides. You can get around the entire island in about two hours and you will see unique scenery from the water front to the more trees it was a gorgeous ride. 20638798_10213643505297887_3016174544226350237_n20663956_10213643503937853_8443405676865702035_n
  • Gyros and parties in Ermioni: Ermioni is home to the infamous Rivera party, where everyone dresses up in their chicest outfits and dance from day to night at an amazing bar right on the beach.

My favourite part of this island though had to be the food, particularly the gyros. Right where you dock for the night is the most delicious gyros restaurant and it is open late so you can get some post dancing food.


  • The Raft Circle: I am not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when we visited Port Heli and Nikki Beach. Overpriced food and drinks and not much else to do on the island. The saving grace though was before setting out for sail the follow day, a bunch of the boats joined in a giant circle. We got out our floaties and jumped in the middle for a few hours of music, drinks, and floating around with our new friends. It was pretty spectacular. 20915420_10101572788966980_9065524513949806491_n20638034_10213643502017805_3316981009282349056_n
  • The Regatta: We all lead busy lives, so our Regatta theme was a very last minute effort. We went with full moon party and got a bunch of neon paint and flower crowns. The good thing is, Regatta isn’t just about your costumes, it is about how much fun you are having and we sure had fun. We danced, sung, and partied the entire race. And guess what? We actually won the Regatta which means we got a pretty awesome prize! 20953774_10101572789221470_8449639833459106239_n
  • Sleeping under the stars: We didn’t really think about how hot it would be in Greece in the middle of August. We also happened to be there during a heat wave so we resorted to sleeping on the deck and so did a lot of other crews. It was pretty fun being outside on the water falling asleep under the stars. 20728150_10213651033566089_5894231814005175472_n
  • Making memories that will last a lifetime: I am honestly not sure that I can top this trip. I got to sail around Greece, discover beautiful islands, swim in the middle of the ocean, ride a donkey, join a circle raft but the best part is I made some amazing new friends, and shared this amazing experience with some old ones. We will always be able to share these memories together.




Know before you go 

There are a few things I wish I knew before setting sail, and so I wanted to share those with you so you know what you are getting yourself into ahead of time. In advance, you are welcome!

  • Splurge on a larger space and air conditioning: I know that Yacht Week is already expensive, trust me it pretty much broke my bank, but if I knew then what I know now, I would of paid the extra money for a boat with air conditioning. It was so hot the entire week that it was unbearable to be inside the cabins even with multiple fans.
  • Splurge on a hostess: You are on vacation, the last thing you want to be worrying about is making meals and cleaning up after. Also, the hostess’ have a lot of experience so they know exactly what you will need. Make sure to plan that into the budget. Shopping for food cost us about $120 each.
  • Yes it will cost more than you think: Our skipper told us that one of the biggest complaints is that it is more expensive than people originally thought it would be. Food, port costs, bottle serves etc. does add up. Plus you are responsible for your skipper and hostess’ meals. Just be prepared to be spending a few extra dollars.
  • Airbnb the last night: You have been on a yacht for a week, with no real shower, no real bed, no air conditioning (for us this last time), none stop parties. You are exhausted. Unless you want to be woken up at 7am to leave the next day, go and get an airbnb. We found a beautiful spot in Alimos and it only cost us about $15 per person.
  • A happy skipper is a happy boat: The nicer you are to your skipper, the nicer he will be in return. You are one big happy family on this boat so make sure to treat everyone with respect. Our skipper went out of his way to make sure we had the best possible time, ate at the best restaurants, went to the best spots. Mainly because we treated him like part of our crew. Also they are working for tips so be kind and tip your skip!



What to pack 

Packing for Yacht Week can be a little tricky because well, how many of us have lived on a sail boat for a whole week. Here are some key items to bring.

  • A soft duffle bag: The yachts are small as is, the last thing you want to do is try and find room for a big hard top bag. Make sure to bring a bag that you can fold and store easily.
  • Sunscreen: I can’t even tell you how much sunscreen we went through as a crew, you are going to need lots of it.
  • SPF Lip Balm: You want to protect everywhere, it is hot!
  • Clothes: As for what clothes to bring don’t forget about the theme parties, you need a Retro theme, a Chic Rivera theme, and costumes for your Regatta. On top of that bring some bathing suits, cover ups,  2 shorts, and about 3 tops, sandals, walking shoes, and a nice dress. Make sure that everything you buy is quick drying. I lost one of my favourite tops because I had to leave it outside to dry and it blew away in the wind.
  • Country Flag: Great way to get into the spirit and also to find your boat after a party
  • Don’t bring your floaty: You can buy them in Alimos, no point in bringing one on the plane with you.
  • Good Speaker: You want to be the loudest crew at the Regatta
  • Earplugs: Since we slept outside mostly, it could be noisy with all the crews in one area.
  • Multi-port charger
  • Waterproof cases 
  • Battery Powered fan: Trust me this was a lifesaver
  • Sea Sick Pills: I am lucky I don’t get sea-sick, but if it is a possibility for you, make sure to have some handy. The waters can be a little rough.

Well there you have it, my guide to Yacht Week. I can honestly say this was an incredible trip and if you are on the fence about it, take the plunge. I believe our crew is even working on a second trip.






MIA goes M.I.A. : Los Cabos

Los Cabos, the municipality of Mexico located at the southern end of the Baja California Peninsula. It is an area where desert meets the sea and the Gulf of California meets the Pacific Ocean. Where the land is covered in overall beauty from the turquoise waters of the ocean to the red volcanic rock covered mountains. Unlike the row of all-inclusive resort covered beaches in other parts of Mexico, Los Cabos is different. Still not as developed as other tourist locations, Los Cabos has a unique combination of nightlife and art institutions, and activities that the whole family can love.

On my recent trip to Los Cabos we stayed at the Secrets Resort in San Jose, the side of town my catered towards art lovers. A beautiful resort with 24-hour service to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger while on vacation. What I also loved about the location was that we had a swimmable beach just a 10-minute walk, a rare commodity in Los Cabos due to their strong rip currents (the only drawback I can think of).

While on the trip we explored, adventured, ate, and drank all that Los Cabos has to offer. While there wasn’t a minute of this vacation I didn’t enjoy to the fullest. There are so many things to do and see and try in Cabo. Here I share my top 5 must do’s if you intend to visit the Los Cabos region.

A Visit to the Arch 


The Arch of Los Cabos is a distinctive rock formation at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas. It is probably the most famous landmarks of Los Cabos and it is a must see for anyone visiting. While there are plenty of boat tours that take you out to see the Arch, we decided to do something a little different and booked a stand up paddle boarding tour with High Tide Sea Expeditions. The tour included both paddle boarding and snorkeling out by the Arch. What I loved about boarding to the Arch was that you really had a chance to take in the beauty surrounding you, from the clear blue ocean to the stunning rock formations that lead up to the Arch. I even had a chance to paddle right beside a family of sea lions. Once we got to the Arch, it was even more beautiful than the pictures had made it out to be. With the sun beaming down on the rock it lived up to its Golden Arch title. We then had a chance to jump into the water and mingle with the beautiful sea life underneath. Our tour guide brought out some bread, and some fish even nibbled on my hand. We were able to get very close and personal with the beautiful life under the water. It was an amazing experience to paddle right beside this well-known landmark.

For more  information visit their website; High Tide Los Cabos

A Sunset Ride 


Los Cabos is famous for its environment and terrain with half of it consisting of desert and the other half consisting of beach, and in my opinion the best way to see the best of both unique worlds is through an ATV or RZR tour. We went on our adventure with Cactus ATV’s. They have a sunset ride that allows you to explore both the desert terrain and the beach all while driving on off-road vehicle as fast as you can (or feel comfortable). I had never driven one before, but the guides made it very easy for first timers, and always made sure the group was together. It was beautiful to navigate through the plants and cacti and to breathe in the sea air from the open windows. We were even lucky enough to see a whale breach not far off the shore. I had always heard about the beautiful Los Cabos sunsets, and we were fortunate enough to experience this one on while riding along the waves. Truly a magical moment that anyone can enjoy.

For more information visit their website; Cactus ATV Tours

Sip on the Beach in Luxury 


Enjoy a drink with a view. Everyone had told me about the party that is Cabo Wabo, but if you are looking for a more secluded, quieter spot with amazing food and even better drinks than why not stop by the Thompson Cape Hotel. The new boutique hotel is the spot to be in Los Cabos. We were fortunate enough to visit on New Year’s Eve and the hotel offered a party in pure Thompson fashion complete with world class DJ’s that kept us moving and grooving well into the new year, entertainers, and an incredible firework show that rivals that of Medano beach. But this hotel offers plenty even when there isn’t a party going on. Just take a trip up to their rooftop bar, six stories above the beautiful beach which the hotel is located on for a view that can’t be beat. When you are up there order their famous live oysters or chocolate infused clams but I must warn you, they are addictive. With the beautiful view of the beach and Los Cabos San Lucas you will truly feel like you have left the real world and entered paradise.

For more information or to make reservations visit their website; The Cape A Thompson Hotel

A Swim with the Biggest Fish in the Sea 

It has always been a dream of mine to swim with sharks, the only problem is I am petrified of them so when I heard that Cabo is home to friendly whale sharks I knew I had to give this a try. We went with Cabo Adventures which guarantees you a face to face experience with these friendly sea giants. As the sun got up so did we to head out to La Pas, a quaint town with plenty of markets and sea side restaurants. We then hopped in a small boat and rode about 15 minutes before we slowed down. Giant brown spots appeared in the water below us, apparently the signs of whale sharks. How it works is you get on your snorkel gear and sit on the edge of the boat. When the guide tells you to jump, you better be ready. Once you dip into the murky water your heart starts beating a million times per second with anticipation. Out of nowhere this giant beautiful spotted 24-foot creature swims past me. I literally froze in admiration. We had the chance to dive three times and all three times we were lucky enough to see a shark whale each time. I still have to pinch myself to believe it was real. Post swim, we were greeted with a delicious buffet of tacos and quesadillas. This was a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience.

For more information visit their website at; Cabo Adventures

A Cultural Walk 2690916_orig

A cultural art stroll. It was actually a tour guide on another excursion that informed us of Thursday night art walks in San Jose. The Gallery District in the area is a cultural hub. A great combination of contemporary and traditional artists line the streets and every Thursday from November until June the streets of central Alvaro Obregon Street are closed off and you can walk among live painters and stunning galleries.  I love how the painters on the street brought not just the Mexican culture, but the culture that is so specific to Cabo to life in their art right in front of our eyes. Combining the beauty of the Arch with that of the mountains. Cactus and whales coming to life on the paper. We were amazed at an interactive art gallery where the paintings literally came to life.   A quick stop into Mi Casa, an authentic Mexican cuisine with a beautiful back patio is the perfect place to end the night with a sweet margarita in hand. We had to buy a beautiful hand painted piece to remember our incredible trip.

For more information visit their website; Los Cabos Art Walk


I have to say that Los Cabos exceeded my expectations. Between the beautiful terrain of mountains, desert, and beach, to the friendly people, and delicious authentic food I found it difficult to leave. It was one for the books and a location I highly suggest to outdoor adventurers, to cultural lovers, to the foodies and the night life enthusiasts, Los Cabos has something for everyone and I hope that you will also be able to experience one of their magical sunsets.